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From Blog to Book

How to turn your blog into a real page-turner

Whatever your blog – cats or catamarans, soccer or socks – you'll learn how to build your profile and market it all the way to a potential book deal! Read more

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Upcoming course dates

StartsTuesday 27 May 2014

Location Sydney,
Ground Floor
55 Lavender Street
Milsons Point NSW 2061

WhenOne EVENING seminar (two hours)


Presenter Kerri Sackville

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Course description

How to go from blogger to author

Would you like to see your posts about life, food, travel or parenting turned into a book?

That’s exactly what happened to blogger Kerri Sackville. In this session, Kerri reveals the exact steps she took to turn her random musings into a loyal following of blog readers.

Kerri began blogging at Life and Other Crises. This caught the attention of major publisher Random House and the result is the bestselling book When My Husband Does the Dishes: A Memoir of Marriage and Motherhood. Her second book is The Little Book of Anxiety.

Whether you love writing about wine, sport, business, craft or your unique take on life, your blog could be the start of your writing career.

In this session, Kerri reveals:

  • the steps she took to build a fan base for her blog Life and Other Crises
  • how she built her profile online
  • why you need to contribute to other blogs (and how to do this)
  • strategies to get noticed by publishers
  • how to make yourself a “marketable” author
  • the types of blog posts you should aim for
  • why you need to become a valuable member of the blogging community
  • and much more.

In this two-hour session, you’ll learn what it takes to turn your blog into a book. You’ll leave with a framework on how to build your online profile and turn your random posts into a foundation that may attract your own book contract.

Your presenters

  • Kerri Sackville

    Kerri Sackville, Sydney

    Kerri Sackville is an Australian author, columnist, social media addict and mother of three. Her blog, Life and... View Profile

Graduate testimonials

  • “Listening to Kerri’s journey from Twitterer to author was nothing less than inspirational. It made me feel that anything is possible and that turning my blog into a book is absolutely possible! What an amazing woman! Her interaction and engagement with us, the audience, was brilliant. I’m sure that every participant walked out of that seminar with newfound enthusiasm.”

    Marcia Giagnori

    “The seminar completely provided what I was hoping for. Kerri Sackville was open and generous with sharing information.”

    Lisa Schofield

    “I took away a great list of actionable ideas to improve my own blog. The session also helped me to clarify my purpose in blogging – why am I doing it and what do I want to get out of it. “

    Susan Moore