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Screenwriting Stage 2

Because everyone loves a good sequel…

You have a draft script; now it’s time to turn it into a polished screenplay! Explore pacing, characters, suspense and how to sell your finished product. More detail

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Upcoming course dates

StartsTuesday 17 March 2015

Location Sydney
Ground Floor
55 Lavender Street
Milsons Point NSW 2061

WhenTuesday EVENING classes
(once a week for five weeks)


Presenter Tim Gooding

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Course description

Would you like to take your film idea to the next stage?

Screenwriting Stage 2 expands upon the subjects covered in Screenwriting Stage 1, as well as addressing other, more sophisticated screenwriting techniques. This course is very practical and will focus on larger, more complex projects, particularly feature film.

To undertake Screenwriting Stage 2, you will need to bring a substantial work-in-progress of your own in Week 1. At minimum, you should have written the first act of a long-form screenplay. The project may be one you previously developed in Screenwriting Stage 1 or perhaps a short film script that may become the forerunner to a feature film.

You will be expected to undertake more homework than was required in Screenwriting Stage 1, in order that significant progress is made on your draft screenplay over the five weeks.

As well as receiving guidance in developing your own screenplay, you will also learn about:

  • Complicated characters: You will learn how to create characters who surprise, who have complexity and contradiction. You’ll also learn about attractive villains, unattractive upstanding citizens, paradoxes, secrets, dark places and more.
  • Genre: Is your screenplay a genre piece? Could it benefit from becoming one? You’ll discover “the rules” of genre and how to follow them.
  • Big stakes: Learn how to push your subject matter into the larger realm of feature film. How to make life much more difficult for your character/s and create a stronger story. You’ll find out about “wounding to reveal”.
  • Mystery and suspense: How to deploy these story structures to make your screenplay more gripping.
  • Finer techniques and principles: You’ll learn about point of entry/exit, subtext, point of view, and more.
  • The deadly middle act: Learn how to develop a stronger, more complex and propulsive narrative in the area that most frequently goes missing.
  • Selling your screenplay: Discover how to find a producer and pitch your script.

Please note: The minimum prerequisite for Screenwriting Stage 2 is completion of Screenwriting Stage 1 and/or completion of the first act of a feature film or similar long-form project. You’ll be required to submit a copy of your script-in-progress at least one week before the course starts.

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Your presenters

  • Tim Gooding

    Tim Gooding, Sydney

    Tim Gooding writes for stage, film and television. He is also a musician and songwriter. Tim’s feature film... View Profile