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Write Your Novel: 6-month program

A novel approach to completing your book

Want to get from draft to published sooner? Our program puts you in the fast track to success, with valuable critiques and detailed advice. More detail

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Upcoming course dates

StartsMonday 2 February 2015

Location Sydney
Ground Floor
55 Lavender Street
Milsons Point NSW 2061

WhenEvening classes for
6 months


Presenter Pamela Freeman

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Course description

Turn your novel into reality with support from experts

You have the idea, you have the characters, you may even have a first draft, but you know it’s not quite ready to submit to an agent or publisher. You want feedback from professionals who can help you create the best possible version of your manuscript.

This six month novel writing course is designed to help you take your novel to the next level. If you haven’t finished the first draft, we’ll set you a timeframe and a structure to work in so that you have a completed first draft by the end of the program. However, you must have a minimum of 10,000 words to qualify for entry into the program.

If you do have a first – or even a second or third – draft, we’ll help you to look at it objectively and improve it significantly. You’ll learn how to identify any problems in your manuscript, ensure your structure is working and deepen your connection to your reader.

Are you serious about your novel?

Based on a combination of theory and workshopping, this course is for people who are serious about publishing a novel or book-length memoir, who want to understand more about their craft and who want a community of like-minded people to support them.

The focus on this program is a practical course designed to help you get results.

We will help you craft the crucial opening chapter – the part you submit to the agent or publisher, and which will make or break your chances of publication.

Workshopping will include:

  • balancing your cast of characters and deepening the reader’s relationship to them
  • targeting structural flaws and getting rid of dead wood
  • writing dialogue which not only reads well but advances your plot and characterisation
  • writing climaxes – starting with the first page of your book!

Theory will include:

  • your role in the publishing process
  • your relationship to agents, editors and publishers
  • how ebooks are changing the nature of publishing
  • how to find the best agent or publisher for your work
  • how to professionally present and submit your work.

Presenters and guest lecturers

As well as weekly workshops with Pamela Freeman, there will be occasional guest lecturers from the industry to make sure you are up to date with publishing trends, editorial requirements and what you need to prepare your work for agents and publishers. Course theory sessions, while broadly as described in the outline, will be tailored to the specific needs of the participants.

* We reserve the right to make changes to courses but will always endeavour to replace tutors/guests with someone of equal experience and standing.

Special features

A special feature of this program is that you will be matched with other program participants who are writing in the same genre. During a scheduled break from classes, everyone in this group will read all of your book – while you read theirs. When classes resume, you will be getting in-depth feedback from them on the structure, flow and impact of your full draft and giving feedback to them. Pamela will give guidance on how to read and assess manuscripts so participants will get the most out of this experience. It will not only allow you to have your full book read by discerning readers, it will also develop your own skills in structural editing – and give you a deadline to meet! You will have plenty of time to read the drafts and comment on them.

This process is unique in novel-writing courses in Australia. Pamela has included it because it is hard to have your full draft read and commented on without paying a manuscript assessment service.

This process will give you structured feedback from informed, intelligent readers who will, by then, be experienced in workshopping and understand what kind of book you are aiming for. Pamela will then help you plan your final edit based on that feedback.

You’ll also be given a structured workshopping program to complete outside of classroom hours.

No matter what state your novel is in, this course will give you the motivation and discipline to take it to the next level – and maybe further.

The course consists of:

  • 22 x evening sessions, 6.30pm to 8.30pm
  • scheduled opportunities to workshop your novel in class, and to have your entire novel read and commented on by fellow participants
  • ongoing feedback on your novel from Pamela Freeman
  • exclusive access to your private online forum, so you can workshop and communicate with your classmates in a safe environment.

As Pat Walsh, the American editor, says: “The number one reason your book may never be published is that you haven’t written it.” Don’t let that be true of you.

Exclusive access to our AWC Graduates’ Club

Want to know where all the cool kids hang out? The Graduates’ Club of course! Now, calm down – there’s no cigars, leather armchairs or loud ticking grandfather clocks here. But it IS exclusive invitation only (on completion of a course) and it’s free!  Meet other writers online and share successes, seek help or just get something off your chest. Many students believe this ‘legacy learning’ is one of the most valuable things about our AWC community, and who are we to argue?

So if you want to receive feedback, support and a heads-up on opportunities … join the Club!

Your presenters

  • Pamela Freeman

    Pamela Freeman, Online, Sydney

    Dr Pamela Freeman is the award-winning author of over 25 books, most recently the Princess Betony series published... View Profile

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Graduate testimonials

  • "If you want to write that novel, then the Australian Writers' Centre is the place to begin."

    - Simon Milliner