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Level 1: Foundation courses – a great place to start

Have you noticed the huge number of magazines and newspapers on the shelves and online these days? Well, guess what? They’re always needing people to write for them – people just like you. So if you got even remotely excited hearing that news, then this course is an absolute must to give you the best start in the industry.

Level 1: Travel, Food and Interiors

These next courses are just the thing if you've (a) completed our foundation course, or (b) have a good dollop of existing experience or enthusiasm in one of these areas. From glistening sands to sizzling pans and open plans – you'll discover the specifics to producing out-of-this-world travel pieces, delicious food writing or setting the scene in style & interiors!

Level 2: Masterclasses to take you to the next level

Become the master of your own work and your own destiny! This masterclass will take your features writing into the stratosphere (and not in a jumbo-jet dodging, oxygen-depleted way either), giving you the skills to produce copy that editors will want on their pages. If your goal is to be a successful freelance writer, then this course could make all the difference.

Build your profile on social media

Being online isn’t simply a cute way to pass the time when you’re not writing. (Although cats on YouTube are indeed cute.) Rather, it’s a very very useful tool that helps you find inspiration, make contacts, follow leads and create opportunities. These courses show you how to harness the power of social media for good – building your online profile and strengthening your ‘brand’ as a writer.

Food writing in Vietnam with the Australian Writers' Centre

Vietnam is a melting pot of culture and people. Meanwhile, our exclusive food writing tour of Vietnam is a melting pot of adventure and expert teaching! That sure is a lot of pots, and you’ll experience everything this mouthwatering nation has to offer with our pho-popping, show-stopping trip of a lifetime!