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International Writing Tours exclusive to Australian Writers’ Centre

Explore a world of inspiration…

They say the only way to really learn a language is to immerse yourself in its culture. We believe a similar thing applies in the world of writing – by surrounding yourself with awe-inspiring places, you can ignite your imagination and change your writing forever.

Our overseas writing tours are truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, combining two passions – travel and writing. Uniquely, each group is limited to just 12 or 16, allowing your professional writer guide to share continual feedback on your own work as well as their own experiences.

With four inspirational locations on offer, each exclusive tour will open your senses to new sights, sounds, smells and stories. They depart just once per year and they sell out. So don’t delay – begin your life-changing journey today!

Writing in Vietnam

Imagine tasting a steaming bowl of pho noodles with fresh coriander and bean sprouts straight from the markets in Hanoi. Or picture yourself walking through the Temple of Literature in the historic city of Hanoi before sampling the best street food Vietnam has to offer. Wander along the streets in old Hanoi and be enchanted by the traditional French restaurants and the scent of just baked croissants and steaming café au lait at streetside cafes....

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Writing in Vietnam-

Writing in Paris

Imagine living in an apartment in Paris. You’ll be learning the art of writing in the mornings from Australia’s best memoir writing mentor, Patti Miller. In the afternoon, you’ll explore the streets of this amazing city, soak up the Parisian atmosphere, people watch in the cafes, sample delicious French cuisine and check out gorgeous shops and attractions. Welcome to the Australian Writers’ Centre’s study tour, Memoir Writing in Paris. Writing memoir in Paris – it...

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Writing in Oxford

Discover the magic in your story in daily writing lessons with best-selling author Kate Forsyth. Soak up the atmosphere in the local pubs of Oxford, where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien regularly met and shared their ideas. Visit the prestigious Oxford University, home of countless museums and galleries, ancient colleges, and … Hogwarts Library! (Otherwise known as the Bodleian Library). Immerse yourself in the area’s history and wander the pre-historic ruins of the Avebury stone...

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Writing in Ubud

Enrich your writing with the sensory richness of your creative expression Come with writer Patti Miller to the highland town of Ubud, the artistic centre of Bali, for a unique writing enrichment course. Whether you are writing from actual or imaginary life – memoir, autobiography, short stories or novels – The Art and Craft of Writing the Senses will show you how to create the colour, texture and weave of lived experience on the page....

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