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Monty and Me cover

WIN: “Monty and Me” by Louisa Bennet

This week’s giveaway is a great one for younger readers – introducing us to the world’s newest animal sleuth – dog detective Monty.

It’s called Monty and Me by Australian author Louisa Bennet, and here’s what the publicity says about it:

“You might think that dogs can’t understand us…but you’d be wrong. Apart from an obsession with cheese, Monty is a perfectly rational animal. So when his beloved master is stabbed to death, Monty decides to use his formidable nose to track the killer down. Luckily he manages to find a home with Rose Sidebottom, the young policewoman who’s investigating the case. But with her colleagues turning against her, and the wrong man collared, she’s going to need a little help…”

So, will Monty use his canine cunning to solve the case? Find out when you win yourself a copy! All you need to do is give us the best caption for the doggy image below. The one we like the best will win the book!

doggy competition


This competition has now closed – thanks for your entries! Winners will be announced in our weekly newsletter.

Feb 15, 2016 Competitions Stevie Schafer

Written by Stevie Schafer


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