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Short story competitions to enter in 2021

A deadline and a prize – what better writing motivation is there? If your 2021 goal is to get your writing momentum fired up, flex those writing muscles or to test your writing techniques – and possibly earn some cash on the side – then short story competitions are the


Short story competitions to enter in 2020

Love the thrill (and deadline!) of entering writing competitions? So do we. They can be great for boosting your right brain along with your productivity. We’ve compiled some awesome opportunities for writers in 2020 so you can explore your imagination, refine your techniques and – who knows, maybe win some


7 short story competitions with huge prizes

There are lots of reasons why you might enter short story competitions. They’re a great incentive to help you finish and hone your story. They’re also an excellent opportunity to get your story in front of famous judges – who could be agents, publishers or writers. And of course there’s


Short story competitions to enter in 2019

New year, new story! It’s time to dust off those short story ideas and enter some competitions in 2019. These opportunities are a great way to stretch your writing muscles and hone your craft. And who knows – you could win some cash for your words. If you’re looking to


Two 2019 Australian Book Review competitions are now open!

The 2019 Peter Porter Poetry Prize and Calibre Essay Prize from the Australian Book Review are now open. With $16,000 worth of prizes up for grabs from these two competitions, it’s worth checking out the details below. Peter Porter Poetry Prize – $8500 The Porter Prize is one of Australia’s


Two competitions for emerging writers

Breaking into the world of publication can be tough for emerging writers. One excellent way to get a foot in the door is to enter competitions. The Australasian Association of Writing Programs has two great competitions now open to emerging writers. Who is an “emerging writer?”  For these competitions, according


Short story competitions to enter in 2018

Do you love writing short stories? Not only can these bite-sized gems help you to develop finer storytelling skills, you can potentially earn big bucks from your work. Check out the range of short story competitions to enter in 2018. And if you’re looking to stand out from the pack


10 short story competitions to enter in 2017

We’re well into the year now and your resolution to fulfil your writing dreams may have slowed under the weight of other priorities. But don’t let that goal to write slip away – instead start slow and stretch your creative muscles by entering short story competitions. Short stories are a


Poetry and Short Story Competitions Closing In June

The Hunter Writers Centre are running two writing competitions closing in June 2017. 2017 Grieve Writing Competition First up is the 2017 Grieve Writing Competition. The Grieve Writing Competition is in honour of Grief Awareness Month (August) with a prize pool of $7,000. Applicants are encouraged to submit a story


4 competitions for short story writers

Writing competitions can be a great motivational tool. Do you have a story idea that you would love to explore further? A neglected draft patiently waiting for you on your computer? Why not enter these short story competitions and use the submission deadline to your advantage. You may even find

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3 great competitions for poets

Whether you’re already a pro at prose, or would simply like to dip your toe into the poetry writing waters – there’s nothing quite like a deadline to spur you on. That’s why writing competitions are such an effective motivational tool. We’re giving you the gentle nudge you may need and


Student Success Stories: Competitions, book deals and more!

Have you had a win as a writer since completing a course at Australian Writers’ Centre? Big, small or medium-sized, we’d love to hear about it! Someone who loves her new life as a “semi-part-time writer” is Kristie Hayden, working from home and having life rudely interrupt her at every moment.


It’s awards season! 6 writing competitions to enter.

Recently we were excited to learn that an Australian Writers’ Centre graduate had taken out the top prize in a local writing competition, pocketing herself a cool $1000 for what was only the second story she’d ever written! It’s pretty inspirational stuff, and brings up a great point about writing.

It can be easy to focus your energy on the big goal – a published novel, or perhaps a byline in your favourite magazine. But while you’re working towards that, entering a writing competition is an excellent way to hone your craft, and could give you some cash and recognition as well.

Here’s a selection of writing competitions currently out there – good luck!


Picture this … new competitions

September’s Write Around the Murray Festival has announced a couple of writing competitions – one national and one local. The first is open to all writers and provides you with inspiration in the form of eight images. You may choose one or more to base your story on (up to


Manuscript awards to enter in 2021

Was 2020 going to be the year you showcased your manuscript with the world but just didn’t get around to it? Given the year that was, we’ll let you off. But now it is 2021. There are some exciting opportunities for you this year, so we’ve created a list of

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