Best Australian Blogs: Finalists 2014

2014 Finalists

We’re thrilled to announce the finalists of the Best Australian Blogs Competition 2014. The competition was dominated by talented bloggers who inspired us with their stories, ideas and, most of all, their writing.

Well done to everyone who entered and congratulations to the finalists!

Scroll down to check out these talented folk, and if you’re feeling inspired to create your own blog (but aren’t sure where to begin), our popular online course Blogging for Beginners is just what you need!

Lifestyle/Hobby finalists

1The Planthunter
Georgina Reid, NSW

2Hiking Fiasco
Mr Hiking Fiasco, VIC

3Central Station
Steph Coombes, WA

4Style She Spoke
Style She Spoke, VIC

5Time Travel Turtle
Michael Turtle, NSW

Commentary finalists

6The Flying PhD
Andrew Weatherall, NSW

7Titus O'Reily
Titus O'Reily, VIC

8The Shovel
The Shovel, VIC

9The Koori Woman
The Koori Woman, NSW

10TV Tonight
David Knox, VIC

Food finalists

11The Hungry Australian
Christina Soong, SA

Tucker, VIC

13The $120 Food Challenge
Sandra Reynolds, VIC

Ell, QLD

15Chew Town
Amanda Michetti, NSW

Personal and Parenting finalists

16Anna Spargo-Ryan
Anna Spargo-Ryan, VIC

Bianca Wordley, SA

18that space in between
Sarah Wayland, NSW

194 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle
Kirsty Rice, SA

20Carly Findlay
Carly Findlay, VIC

Business finalists

21Swish Design Blog
Kelly Exeter, WA

22The Copy Detective
The Copy Detective, VIC

24Socially Sorted
Donna Moritz, QLD

25Michael Hanson
Michael Hanson, QLD

26Bluewire Media
Adam Franklin, NSW

27The tech startup
Rebekah Campbell, NSW

Words and Writing finalists

28Fictioner's Net
Nick Hudson, NSW

29On Writing, Publishing & Freelancing
Denise Mooney, VIC

30Book to the Future
Michelle McLaren, NSW

31The Writing Life
Lee Kofman, VIC

32twenty six
Andrew Hutchinson, VIC

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