Month: March 2011

Hugh Mackay: Psychologist, social researcher and author

Hugh Mackay is the founder of the Australian quarterly research series The Ipsos Mackay Report (previously The Mackay Report). He is a psychologist, social researcher and writer. He is a regular columnist in The Age and a regular commentator appearing on radio and television. He has just launched his latest... read more

Lawrence Hill: Award-winning Canadian author

Lawrence Hill's book Someone Knows My Name won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize 2008 award. It is called The Book of Negroes in Canada and it is about the history of slavery. It follows African slaves from Africa to America and delves into the struggles for the character Aminato Diallo... read more

Jackie French: Multi-award-winning author

Jackie French has been writing for over 17 years and has had 132 of her books published. She wrote her first children's book called Rainstones in 1991 while she was living in a shed. She said it was probably the messiest manuscript that Angus and Robertson has ever received... read more