Month: June 2011

Michelle Bridges: Fitness instructor and author

Michelle Bridges is a personal trainer and fitness instructor, most notably as the Red Team trainer on Channel 10’s The Biggest Loser, and is the author of eight best-selling books. Her latest from Penguin Books is Crunch Time: Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off followed by Crunch... read more

Annette Hughes: Memoir author and former literary agent

Annette Hughes wanted to be an artist, but married an art dealer and the art world instead. After the marriage failed, she went into book publishing with an independent small publisher, then moved on to become first a theatrical agent, then a literary agent, mentored by veteran literary agent Rose... read more

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki: Best-selling popular science author

Karl Kruszelnicki has written 26 books. His first book Great Moments In Science was published in 1984 and his latest book Please Explain was released in November 2007. According to New Scientist Magazine Karl's last five books have all become best-selling popular science books in Australia. In 1996... read more