Month: November 2011

Marele Day: Author of crime fiction

Marele Day is the author of 10 books, including the four-book Claudia Valentine series of crime novels. Her latest book is The Sea Bed, about a Buddhist monk who leaves his monastery to carry out a fellow monk’s dying wish. She has won several awards including the Ned... read more

Helen Brown: Columnist and author

Helen Brown is a newspaper columnist and author originally from New Zealand and now living in Melbourne. She has published 10 books and has written regular columns for papers such as the Christchurch Star, Marlborough Express and LIVE Magazine. This year she was awarded the Qantas Columnist of the Year... read more

Poppy King: Lipstick queen and author

In 1992, 18 months after finishing high school, Poppy King set up Poppy Industries. Through her company she sold her own brand of lipstick, and within three years, her business had grown into a multi-million dollar company. She quickly became known as the ‘Lipstick Queen’. In 2002 Poppy Industries... read more