Month: October 2012

Leslie Cannold: Academic, ethicist and freelance writer

Leslie Cannold is an academic, ethicist and freelance writer. Her first novel is The Book of Rachael, a re-imagining of the story of Jesus told through the eyes of his younger sister. A long-time activist, Leslie Cannold is committed women’s rights and equality, two themes that feature... read more

Sara Foster: West Australian author

West Australian author, Sara Foster, has just released her second book – Beneath the Shadows. Her first novel, Come Back to Me, was released in 2010 and was well received by readers and critics alike. Beneath the Shadows is set in the isolated North Yorkshire Moors in England. Grace has returned... read more

Dominic Smith: Australian fiction author

Dominic Smith is an Australian author currently living in Austin, Texas. He’s published three novels and his latest is Bright and Distant Shores. It follows the journey of an obsessive American collector who travels to islands in the Pacific to collect artefacts for an ethnographic exhibition. Set in the... read more