Month: November 2012

Lisa Genova: Best-selling author and neuroscientist

Best-selling author, Lisa Genova, has just released her second book – Left Neglected. It is a fictional look at the devastating affects of a traumatic brain injury on high-powered supermum, Sarah Nickerson, and is inspired by an actual condition called Left Neglect. As well as a best-selling author... read more

Anna Lanyon: Author of historical books

Anna Lanyon is an author and academic, with a long interest in Spanish and Portuguese language and history. She writes historical books and her third, Fire and Song, has just been released. Fire and Song is the story of the Jewish martyr Luis de Carvajal, and his sister, Leonor.  In... read more

Mark Abernethy: Australian thriller author

Mark Abernethy is an Australian author well-known for his suspense and thriller novels featuring the Aussie super-spy, Alan McQueen. He has written four novels and two non-fiction books. His latest is Counter Attack, the third book in the Alan McQueen series. In 2007 Golden Serpent was published... read more