Month: January 2014

Student Success Stories: Publishing deals with Harper Impulse and Walker Books

The amazing publishing news just keeps on rolling in! In the last couple of weeks we've heard from two graduates who've scored book deals and just as many who continue to have success in the world of feature writing.

First we heard from Susan Donovan (NSW) who completed the Write a Chick Lit Novel and Introduction to Novel Writing courses in 2012. Just a year later, she's signed a contract with Harper Impulse (HarperCollins's romance imprint) for her first rom-com book, Love By Numbers. Here's what she wrote to us:

7 Questions: Author of the bestselling ‘Cliff Hardy’ series Peter Corris

Peter Corris is an Australian author best know for his detective fiction series featuring private investigator Cliff Hardy. The series began with The Dying Trade, which was published in 1980. Since then, Peter has published over 40 Cliff Hardy novels, the latest being Silent Kill. He has won numerous awards for the series, including a Ned Kelly Award for Crime Writing for Lifetime Achievement in 1999, and has been credited with reviving genuine Australian crime novels.

Peter's early career was as a historian and academic. In 1975 he left academia to pursue a career in journalism but has been writing full-time since 1982. He has written a number of books outside of the Cliff Hardy series, including a biography of Fred Hollows and a collection of short stories about golf.

Diego Marani: Essayist and novelist

Born in Italy in 1959, Diego Marani is a man of many talents. A highly regarded translator, he is the creator of Europanto, a mock ‘international auxiliary language’ (a language invented for use by people who don’t share a common mother tongue), in which he has published short stories... read more

At My Desk: Bestselling action thriller novelist Matthew Reilly

International best-selling author Matthew Reilly began writing his first novel at 19, while still at university. That first novel, Contest, was rejected by all major publishers and Matthew self-published it in 1996, printing 1000 copies and selling it himself to bookstores across Sydney. In early 1997, he was... read more

Mitch Lewis: From IT Systems Manager to published author

Mitch Lewis, 34, was working as an IT Systems Manager when he first discovered the Australian Writers’ Centre. Mitch knew that he enjoyed writing but he didn’t know how to take this interest further. At the time, Mitch says he knew that he liked writing his cricket team’s... read more

Angela Steyn: Successful career change

Angela Steyn, 33, left her job as a lawyer to become an interior stylist and writer specialising in interiors, homes and design … with some help from the Australian Writers’ Centre. In 2007, Angela walked away from her job as a lawyer to follow her passion for interiors. She knew she... read more

Deborah Levy: Playwright turned novelist

Deborah Levy began her creative career as a playwright in 1981 when she left the Darlington College of Arts to write plays including Pax, Call Blue Jane, Shiny Nylon and Heresies: Eva and Moses, which was performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1987. While her plays were acclaimed for... read more

Student Success Stories: Articles published in Mindfood, Vacations and Travel and Women’s Health

Welcome to our first edition of Student Success Stories for 2014. We're really starting the year with a bang! Despite the recent holidays we've heard from many students who've achieved great things since 2013.

First we heard from Justine McClymont (NSW). Justine completed the Online Course: Magazine and Newspaper Writing in 2012 and has just had her first two print articles published. The first, "'Tis the season to be cherry", was published in the Summer 2013 issues of Sprout Magazine, and the second feature, "Don't just grow it – swap it" was published very soon after in City Permaculture. Two feature articles in one month – well done, Justine!

We also heard from Gary Yeates (NSW), another student who's achieved multiple publishing successes recently. He completed the Travel Writing course in 2013 as well as the Blogging for Beginners and Build Your Profile Using Twitter seminars. He just had two feature articles published in the latest issue of Vacations and Travel – two 4-5 pages features with images. Congratulations, Gary!

Arnold Zable: Award-winning Australian writer and human rights advocate

An award-winning Australian writer, novelist, storyteller, and human rights advocate, Arnold Zable combines a prodigious creative output with extensive human rights advocacy work. Recently appointed as a Vice-Chancellor's fellow at the University of Melbourne following his completion of doctorate in Creative Arts, he is the author of... read more