Month: October 2014

Q&A: Rule Britannica

This week, we sit down to a lesson in ligatures with our friendly Q & A participants... Q: Hello, do you think I have the Ebola virus?  A: No. Q: Okay, great, just thought I should check. Now I also want to ask about something I struggle with.  A: Your... read more

Are you the next J.K. Rowling?

We'd all love a million dollar book deal, but getting your work in front of a publisher is hard enough as it is! Well, Momentum (Pan Macmillan's digital arm) and Tablo (a publishing startup we've discussed before) have joined forces to give hope to emerging writers around... read more

7 questions with Deadly Obsession author Karen M Davis

Karen M Davis is an ex-cop who took on writing and smashed it with her first novel, Sinister Intent – released in 2013. Now her second book is out, and Karen recently spoke to us about Deadly Obsession and her approach to writing. Hi Karen, tell us about Deadly Obsession... read more

The Night Guest author on awards, agents and advice

Last week, Fiona McFarlane’s The Night Guest was shortlisted as a finalist in the 2014 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, adding to the long list of accolades already this year for this debut novel. We thought it would be a good opportunity to share some gems from our podcast... read more

10 reasons why editors don’t reply to your pitch.

As an editor and journalist, I’ve experienced life on both sides of the fence. When you’re a magazine editor, you are the one who holds all the power about which stories gets published. It’s your job to get the right combination of stories and stay within budget... read more

Author Deborah Rodriguez on what she keeps in the closet

Recently we locked Deborah Rodriguez, author of The House on Carnaval Street, in a padded room and yelled questions at her through an intercom. Okay, some of that isn’t true, but the author and question bit are. And most of her adventures are usually crazier than that anyway. Here... read more

"I got published!": Evelyn Lewin

We spotted Evelyn in Sunday Life recently! Congratulations Evelyn! If you have a success story to share with us, you can do so right here. We’ll share it with the world! For more success stories, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram... read more

Why your book is a business card on steroids

Writing a book as a business tool is a growing trend that has been spurred on by two significant developments in book publishing. First is the rapid advances in the publishing industry that have made self-publishing more accessible for small businesses. The key changes include ebooks, retail sites such... read more

Q&A: 2, 4 ,6, 8! What’s the right way to write numbers?

They sit right there above the letters on the keyboard, but how do we go with using them? This week we examine numbers... Q: Hi there Australian Writers' Centre, can I ask a question? A: Well, that capital Q in front of everything you say suggests that you can. What... read more

In her own words: C.M Lance and her new wartime novel

If you Google ‘CM Lance’, you’ll actually find two writers – one is a male who lives in the U.S. and writes about wizards, and the other is a female Australian author. She has been an astronomer, a Unix computer specialist and now a novelist (so, just the usual... read more

Ep 35: Celebs join the rush to write children’s books; Copyblogger closes down its Facebook page; can you plagiarise an email? What’s your favourite book? Blogging hits the big time with Foxtel’s new "Fashion Bloggers"; and meet Writers in Residence Favel Parrett.

In Episode 35 of So you want to be a writer, celebrities join rush of authors writing children’s books, why Copyblogger is killing its Facebook page, is it wrong to post from an email? 50 cultural icons on their favorite books, the Australian premiere of 'Fashion Bloggers', Writer in... read more

Student Success Stories: Competitions, book deals and more!

Have you had a win as a writer since completing a course at Australian Writers’ Centre? Big, small or medium-sized, we’d love to hear about it! Someone who loves her new life as a “semi-part-time writer” is Kristie Hayden, working from home and having life rudely... read more

This blogger got a book deal and you could too

Former-journalist Nikki Parkinson began her blog Styling You in 2008. In a nutshell it’s an advice-driven fashion, beauty and lifestyle site – and, most importantly, it has a highly engaged readership, who are motivated to buy featured products and services. The blog did so well that she wrote... read more

"I got published!": Linda Anderson

We love hearing from our students no matter what they have to say, but when we hear of a student being published, we just want to shout it from the rooftops! We’re a little scared of heights, so we’ll go with a blog post instead. Linda says: After... read more

"I got published!": Carla Francis

We love hearing from our students no matter what they have to say, but when we hear of a student being published, we just want to shout it from the rooftops! We’re a little scared of heights, so we’ll go with a blog post instead. Carla says: Hi... read more

Q&A: Some people are so possessive

Each week, we take a look at a common confusions and ambiguities in the English language (that gives us about a century’s worth of material!) – making things easier through the power of friendly conversation… Q: Hi there, I have a question about possession. A: What kind of possession? We... read more