Month: January 2016

An A-Z of brand new portmanteau words!

Portmanteau words are a common occurrence in the English language. They’re formed when you take two words and smash them together to make a brand new one – typically losing a few letters off one or both. There are hundreds of a real life examples across a range of areas... read more

Ep 93 What writers need to know about defamation when writing memoirs, win a writer’s residency in a bridge, a tax return hailed as a masterpiece in contemporary fiction, and how to juggle multiple writing projects. Meet thriller author Jaye Ford, who moonlights as a romance author.

In Episode 93 of So you want to be a writer:  What writers need to know about defamation when writing memoirs, win a writer's residency in a bridge, a writer is arrested after winning illegal narcotics in a writing competition and a tax return is hailed as a masterpiece... read more

Q&A: The Force Awakens vs Wakens vs Wakes?

Each week here at the Australian Writers’ Centre, we dissect and discuss, contort and retort, ask and gasp at the English language and all its rules, regulations and ridiculousness. It’s a celebration of language, masquerading as a passive-aggressive whinge about words and weirdness. This week, we’re in... read more

COMP CLOSED: Win The Mapmaker Chronicles trilogy – signed!

We’re triply excited this week, with not one but THREE books to give away. They form the trilogy of The Mapmaker Chronicles – A.L. Tait’s hugely successful adventure series for middle grade readers (and older!). In a nutshell, the books follow the fate of Quinn, a reluctant player... read more

Catherine Rodie: overcoming dyslexia to become a successful writer

Catherine Rodie never thought she would become a writer. This limiting belief, coupled with her experience with dyslexia, meant that she hadn’t considered that writing could be a real career for her. But after completing a course at the Australian Writers’ Centre, that all changed. And now, she’s... read more

Ep 92 Meet Holly Seddon, journo-turned-author of psychological thriller “Try Not to Breathe”. The fate of CLEO and Penthouse, copyediting mistakes to avoid, Notability app, when to pitch to magazines.

In Episode 92 of So you want to be a writer: CLEO magazine is closing, Penthouse drops print magazines, copyediting and grammar mistakes to avoid, the book The Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe, and Allison’s top blog posts about blogging. Meet journalist-turned-author Holly Seddon, whose new book... read more

Don’t have a high profile? Well, do something about it.

This post is by Valerie Khoo, National Director of the Australian Writers’ Centre I’m a little bit cranky. Why? Well, I was talking to an author the other day and she was bemoaning the fact that her books aren’t selling to her expectations. I tried to explain to... read more

COMP CLOSED: Win Tony Cavanaugh’s Kingdom of the Strong

It would be a crime if we didn’t let you know about this week’s book giveaway. And it’s a crime that we have on offer – Australian author Tony Cavanaugh’s latest novel, Kingdom of the Strong, published by Hachette Australia. Cavanaugh is no stranger to writing, having... read more

Your writing goals for 2016 – do they sound familiar?

In December, Valerie asked the AWC community (via our newsletter and this blog) to let us know what writing goals they had for the coming year. We received a huge response – with the image above an actual word cloud of the most popular sentiments sent in from everyone. And because... read more

Author Ellie Marney’s TOP 3 tips for YA writers

In a recent episode of our top-rating podcast So you want to be a writer, Allison Tait chatted with popular Young Adult (YA) writer Ellie Marney. (And when we say popular, we’re talking about her novel, Every Breath, being one of only two Australian novels on the 2015... read more

Licence to WIN Trigger Mortis – the new James Bond story!

Bond is back! No, not that Spectre movie – we’re talking about in print, and with considerably less singing by Sam Smith. The book is Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz and it’s our book giveaway for this week. Ever since Ian Fleming’s death in the mid-1960s, his... read more

17 writing courses to do this summer!

Ahhhh summer – the sound of crashing waves, the gentle evening chirp of the cicadas, the sizzle of the BBQ, the tapping of the keyboard... Wait, what? That’s right. Summer is actually a GREAT time to learn a new writing skill, especially considering it coincides (here in the Southern Hemisphere... read more