Month: September 2017

WIN: Who would paint YOUR portrait?

This week, thanks to our friends at Transmission Films, we have 10 double passes to the new film Final Portrait – starring Geoffrey Rush as the world-renowned 20th century sculptor and artist Alberto Giacometti. The film, directed by Stanley Tucci, takes place in Paris in 1964, when American writer and... read more

The Richell Prize Long List 2017

It’s always exciting to see who made the Richell Prize long list, and this year is no exception. There are 20 fabulous writers on the list - and AWC alumnus Michelle Barraclough is on there with her work, As I Am. The Richell Prize has been running for 3 years... read more

Is it always legal to snap?

Many people believe that photographing people without their knowledge or consent is an invasion of privacy and therefore against the law. However, you might be surprised to learn that leaving aside the moral issues that this might raise, in Australia it is (on the face of it) perfectly legal. This... read more

Q&A Rare form

Q: Hi AWC A: Hello. Are you ready to begin? Q: Absolutely! I’m rearing to go. A: Actually, if that were the case, you’d be “raring to go”. Q: Really? A: Really. Q: “Raring”? What even IS that? I’ve only heard of “rare” – and never as a... read more

Enter the 2017 Horne Prize for essay writing

After a successful first year, the Horne Prize for essay writing is back. This year, the prize is valued at $15,000. If you’re a keen essayist, this is your chance to shine. The competition is now open and accepting essays of up to 3000 words. Like last year... read more

WIN: Fifty Fifty by Candice Fox and James Patterson!

This week we’re excited to be giving away three copies of the latest collaboration between the world’s bestselling thriller writer, James Patterson, and award-winning Aussie crime-writing sensation, Candice Fox. The book is Fifty Fifty – the sequel to last year’s hugely successful Never Never. Pick up... read more

Win $5000 and a publishing deal for your romance manuscript

Australian romance writing is heating up. And with the return of the XO Romance Prize for 2017, it’s going to get even more exciting. If you’re an Australian romance writer with an unpublished manuscript, the XO Romance Prize will be right up your alley. What’s up for... read more

Word of the week: Asperity

Asperity (noun) [as'peruhtee] This means sharpness or harshness of temper. So you might say: "The teacher was frustrated with the Year 9 class and spoke to them with asperity." Listen to Valerie and Allison chat more about this and more on the world of writing, blogging and publishing... read more

Q&A: One nation?

Q: Is a country a singular or plural entity? A: Good question. After all, a nation can be both a united front but also made up of millions of people. Q: Exactly! So, is it “Australia play Thailand in the next soccer qualifier” or “Australia PLAYS Thailand”? A: Well, it... read more

COMP CLOSED: WIN What’s YOUR favourite number?

This week we’re celebrating the success of one of our AWC alumni by giving away a set of her new series of picture books – the ideal gift for the tiniest person in your life. This five-book series by Shelly Unwin is aimed at readers from age one right... read more