#AWCTurns10: Adorable kid photo edition.

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The rumours are true: the Australian Writers’ Centre is 10 years old! In order to celebrate, we started researching what 10 year olds do (because it’s been far too long for most of us to remember).

According to some parenting forums, we definitely should not:

  • Have unrestricted internet access,
  • Drink “diet” drinks or sugary drinks,
  • Watch PG-13+ entertainment,
  • Use social media, or
  • Get less than 10 hours of sleep a night.

Uh…. let’s just say that we’re a little rebellious here. But on the upside, we’re allowed to take on small amounts of responsibility and help out around the house.

We won’t bore you with our ‘When I was 10…’ stories (hint: a lot of them did not involve the internet), but we did dig through our personal archives to bring you adorable photos of us as 10 year olds.

Can you match the 10 year old to their older (wiser) counterpart? (We made it pretty easy – their names are below each photo!)

Alecia Hancock - Perth State Director
Alecia Hancock – Perth State Director
Bec Lee - Administration Assistant
Bec Lee – Administration Assistant
Liz Pulo - Relationships Manager
Liz Pulo – Relationships Manager
Nicole Beaton - Administration Coordinator
Nicole Beaton – Administration Coordinator
Peter van der Kraan - Finance Director
Peter van der Kraan – Finance Director
Rah Gardiner - Operations Manager
Rah Gardiner – Operations Manager
Stevie Schafer - Melbourne Coordinator
Stevie Schafer – Melbourne Coordinator
Tracy Tan - New Media Manager
Tracy Tan – New Media Manager
Valerie Khoo - Director
Valerie Khoo (in the middle!) – Director