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“I got published!”: Rebecca Poulson

We spotted Rebecca in Sunday Life recently!  Congratulations Rebecca! If you have a success story to share with us, you can do so right here. We’ll share it with the world! For more success stories, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  ... read more

Gwen Wilson: the reluctant retiree publishes her first memoir

Back in 2005, around the same time as the Australian Writers’ Centre was first opening its doors, Gwen Wilson, then 50, was making the first scribblings for what would become her debut memoir, I Belong to No One. “I can trace its beginning to 2005, and it evolved through numerous... read more

Lisa Venables: Memoir unearths a love of writing

Telling stories is what it’s all about here at the Australian Writers’ Centre. And for Lisa Venables, recounting a very difficult time in her family’s life provided her with both an emotional and creative outlet. That outlet became her book, Saving Zali – telling the story of her infant... read more

Geena Leigh: From a challenging past to bestselling author

Many of us have a “story inside us”. And sometimes these stories are so compelling, so slam-down riveting, that they just need to be told. Geena Leigh’s story is just that. From an abusive childhood and abusive relationships to 19 years of working as a prostitute, most people... read more