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Valerie Khoo

How to find time to write: advice from the experts

As a writer (or wannabe writer) you’re often juggling many other priorities and it’s easy for writing to become the last item on your to-do list. So how do you find the time to write?

The short answer is: you make time. There is no way to wave a magic wand and hope that more than 24 hours will somehow appear in your day. If you want time to write, you are the only person who can make this happen.

Too many writers think: “I’ll write that when I have more time” or “I’ll wait till I retire or the kids grow up”. The reality is that’s an excuse. If you really want to succeed as a writer then you need to … write! And the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll succeed. Because guess what? It takes time to…

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Writing tools, apps and gifts
Australian Writers' Centre Team

Gift idea: Scented candles named after books

We love these gorgeous scented candles. Whether you want some mood lighting for a cosy night in, or to burn a citrus scent for some zing in the office, the great thing about these candles is that each of them are named after a well-known book! From Murphy & Daughters,

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Poster: A Visual Compendium of Typewriters

We have a bit of a typewriter obsession here at the Australian Writers’ Centre. In fact, it isn’t surprising to find our national director Valerie Khoo trawling through antique stores in search of the perfect vintage typewriter.

So we couldn’t resist sharing this awesome poster with you.

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