Student Success Stories: Publishing deals with Harper Impulse and Walker Books

The amazing publishing news just keeps on rolling in! In the last couple of weeks we’ve heard from two graduates who’ve scored book deals and just as many who continue to have success in the world of feature writing.

First we heard from Susan Donovan (NSW) who completed the Write a Chick Lit Novel and Introduction to Novel Writing courses in 2012. Just a year later, she’s signed a contract with Harper Impulse (HarperCollins’s romance imprint) for her first rom-com book, Love By Numbers. Here’s what she wrote to us:

I had done several writing courses before at other centres and every time I’d come away discouraged, doubtful that I had any writing talent at all, and with the decision pretty well made not to give writing a go.

Only after years of doing nothing, I got to the point where reading other people’s books was so painful, I couldn’t read any more till I tried writing again – but this time, I turned to the Australian Writers’ Centre for help and enrolled in Lisa and Pamela’s courses.

Apart from being very informative and highly practical courses that got me writing my book right away, these courses were also motivating and helped me believe I did have something to say and the ability to say it.

We’re so excited for you, Susan. Congratulations! We look forward to reading your book when it’s published in June.

Next we heard from Writing Books for Children and Young Adults graduate Tonya Ward (NSW), who also did the How to Get Your Book Published seminar, we received this amazing news:

“My series The Love Oracles published by Walker Books is in the shops early February. The first title, Nymph, is in the window of George Street Dymocks in Sydney right now!”

Congratulations, Tonya!

Now for news from the feature writers. Cindy Bingley-Pullin (NSW) did the Travel Writing course in 2012 and the Magazine and Newspaper Writing course back in 2009. While she’s been publishing articles ever since, her latest feature in International Traveller magazine, on skiing and dining in Val d’lsere in Franc, is especially thrilling – she wrote the first draft of this article for her homework in her Travel Writing course! Well done, Cindy.

Libby Hakim (NSW), a student success regular, did the online courses in Magazine and Newspaper Writing and Writing Picture Books last year, and has just had another article published in Women’s Agenda – “Why passion matters at work (and how to find your own)”. Congratulations, Libby!

Angie Bucu (Hong Kong) is a more recent graduate. She completed the online course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing just a few months ago and had her first article published in AroundDB in Hong Kong in October 2013. She’s quickly followed that up with another feature in the same magazine in the January 2014 edition, and now she’s been asked to write for them regularly! A great achievement, congratulations Angie.

Finally, Mandy McKeesick (NSW) continues her dream run. She completed the Magazine and Newspaper Writing and Travel Writing courses and has been writing regularly for Outback magazine ever since. She’s just scored another three commissions, all for the next issue. Well done, Mandy!

Don’t forget to let us know about your success stories. We love hearing them (and boasting, just a little bit). You can send details to courses[at]writerscentre[dot]com[dot]au.