Business writing courses at AWC

  • Gain new confidence in your writing
  • Create and edit documents with ease
  • Add to your skillset or get that promotion!

Whether it's to improve your writing, improve your job prospects or simply learn the rules to clear communication, these courses are guaranteed to give you the edge. Learn online from wherever you are – or at our centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Improve business correspondence

Business Writing Essentials
Want to save time on everyday writing tasks? We’ll show you how to eliminate errors and bring consistency to your communication. A must do for all those in customer service or administration areas.

Write better reports, proposals and more

Professional Business Writing
The right words can be powerful – and creating a strong first impression with yours will get you noticed, save time or even improve your job prospects. Discover a more effective and concise approach to communication, especially with reports and proposals.

Improve your editing, grammar and punctuation

Editing Essentials
If you regularly review text, we’ll show you how to become an editing guru – with industry standard methods and clever ways to save you time and make everything better, faster.
Grammar and Punctuation Essentials
Errors can undermine your communication. This is a great refresher. By mastering the rules to great grammar and punchy punctuation, you'll get it right, every time!

Sales or online writing

Copywriting Essentials
Get paid to write words that sell! This course will show you how to take creative briefs, write short and long copy, master headlines, write persuasive text, and get the confidence to begin charging clients immediately.
Writing for the Web
This course is a must for anyone writing for a website, intranet or any other online content. Learn how web material differs from print and how to be more concise, improve layout and get the most impact from even the shortest of attention spans.

DID YOU KNOW? The Australian Writers' Centre also offers group corporate training for your team.


Better business writing at your fingertips

Introducing the Australian Writers' Centre Australian Business Style Guide.

  • Your new best friend in the fight against bad grammar and poor punctuation
  • Optimised for Australian English
  • Perfect for using in your day-to-day writing
  • Easy ready-reference entries
  • Like having your own personal editor

Become the guru of grammar and commander of concise, correct and crystal clear communication with our Australian Business Style Guide. First impressions count in business, so make yours the best it can be!

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