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10 online courses to make you a better writer

There’s nothing like the convenience of online learning to help you fit personal projects around your busy schedule. And if you’ve had the same writing resolutions popping up on your list again after again – why not make 2019 YOUR year to make them happen. Your future self will... read more

5 tips on how to promote a book

This is a post by Allison Tait, who is a presenter at the Australian Writers’ Centre and author of the successful series The Mapmaker Chronicles. Today we are again delving into the now-deep archives of the So you want to be a writer podcast for some gems of wisdom... read more

Don’t have a high profile? Well, do something about it.

This post is by Valerie Khoo, National Director of the Australian Writers’ Centre I’m a little bit cranky. Why? Well, I was talking to an author the other day and she was bemoaning the fact that her books aren’t selling to her expectations. I tried to explain to... read more

The delicate art of self-promotion

So, you want to be a writer. Or maybe you already are. Presumably, you hope to make a living from your writing. But have you considered how you’re actually going to get found for work? Being a writer is different to a lot of other industries. Clients are going... read more

Author Favel Parrett on publicity and productivity

In episode 35 of our top-rating So you want to be a writer podcast, Australian author Favel Parrett spoke with Allison Tait about many things. Here are two: On publicity: "I’d love to be like Cormac McCarthy and never do anything, no public speaking, and just hide away... read more

Do authors need to be on social media?

The idea of the ‘online author platform’ is an interesting one. On one hand, as an author you should focus your energy on writing your book (or next book) and making it the best it can be. And yet if you neglect the opportunity to connect with your readers (and... read more

The worst thing a writer can do on social media…

Having trouble harnessing your hashtags, keeping your pins sharp or posting things that people will read? Social media seems to be both a blessing and curse for writers – offering a chance to tell more of your story, and yet piling on a bunch of bells, whistles and EXTRA TIME to... read more

Ask Valerie: 4 things authors can do to promote their book

Question: I’ve written a book, but how do I get more people to read it? Answer: First, congratulations on writing a book! Some would say that the difficult part is over, but if you want to share your creation with as many readers as possible, the work has just... read more