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WIN the purrfect ‘Pussweek Pack’!

Cat lovers assemble! This week, we’re having kittens as we excitedly offer up three Pussweek packs by AWC alumna, Bexy McFly. Bexy created the global feline-zine hit series Pussweek – By Cats, For Cats and has since gone on to collaborate with artist Megan Lynn Kott on 2019’s... read more

COMP CLOSED ‘The Silence’ by Susan Allott

This week we have three copies of The Silence – a powerful and heart-wrenching debut from author Susan Allott. Here’s a synopsis: It is 1997, and in a basement flat in Hackney Isla Green is awakened by a call in the middle of the night: her father, Joe, phoning... read more

Furious Fiction May 2020 winner and shortlist

May was another huge month for our spritely little Furious Fiction competition – with our second highest entries ever (highest was last month!). It just shows what great word of mouth and marketing--cough cough lockdown pandemic cough--- can do! Being the fifth month of the year, or maybe because we... read more

Enter the 2020 Richell Prize for Emerging Writers

Calling all unpublished writers: the $10,000 Richell Prize for Emerging Writers, which can be awarded to both fiction and creative non-fiction writers, is open for 2020. The winner will also get a year’s mentorship from a Hachette Australia publisher. Entries close on July 10, 2020.  From the... read more

COMP CLOSED: ‘Australian Code Breakers’ by James Phelps

The extraordinary story of a headmaster turned cryptographer, and our top-secret war with the Kaiser's Reich... This week we have three copies of Australian Code Breakers by James Phelps to be won. James is Australia’s #1 bestselling true crime writer and recently we enjoyed a video conversation... read more

ARA Historical Novel Prize now open

Have you written a historical novel?  The ARA Historical Novel Prize is now open and the winner is set to receive $30,000 AUD!  Who’s eligible? From the Historical Novel Society Australasia website: “The ARA Historical Novel Prize is open to authors who are citizens or residents of Australia... read more

COMP CLOSED ‘Pedantic’ by Ross & Kathryn Petras

This week’s giveaway book is one for the word nerds out there (you know who you are). The book is Pedantic by language boffins Ross Petras and Kathryn Petras – a hilarious and useful guide to the 100 terms smart people should know… So, what is Pedantic? Well, it's... read more

COMP CLOSED: ‘Husband Replacement Therapy’ by Kathy Lette

What do you do when you’re told you’ve got terminal cancer at 50? Take up crochet, find religion and bow out gracefully? OR upend your life and spend every remaining minute exploring new pleasures? These are just some of the questions posed in this week’s book giveaway... read more

Your COVID-19 words

It’s no secret that the global pandemic of 2020 is a time that history will remember. For many, it has been a confusing time, one of personal loss or substantial upheaval. For others, a different kind of experience, a detox of sorts; a return to simple habits or new... read more

COMP CLOSED: ‘Up on Horseshoe Hill’ by Penelope Janu

“A kiss can change your life...” This week we have three copies to give away of AWC alumna Penelope Janu’s latest novel, Up on Horseshoe Hill. This is Penelope’s fourth novel in just TWO years – hitting it out of the park since completing our Popular Women’s Fiction... read more

Furious Fiction April 2020 winner and shortlist

My my… it seems the combination of people being stuck at home and perhaps starved for creativity has led to this month’s Furious Fiction competition smashing previous records as 1700 entries came flooding in! These were the criteria: Each story had to begin on the side of a road... read more

COMP CLOSED ‘The Cobra Queen’ by Tara Moss

“You don't know the New York fashion world until you know its haunts.” This week we’re excited to be offering up three copies of the newly published The Cobra Queen by Tara Moss – the bestselling author of The Blood Countess, The Spider Goddess and The Skeleton Key. We... read more

19-word creative challenge

It's no secret that we’re all currently living through a time that history will remember. For many, it’s a confusing time, one of personal loss or substantial upheaval. For others, a different kind of experience, a detox of sorts; a return to simple habits or new beginnings... read more

Win TWO new books by Sue Whiting

This week, we’re offering three x 2-book packs containing AWC presenter Sue Whiting's latest books for younger readers – middle grade story, The Book of Chance, and picture book, Good Question. The Book of Chance: Chance is in Year 7 and thinks she has it all - a loving... read more

COMP CLOSED ‘Ribbit Rabbit Robot’ by Victoria Mackinlay

“This lamp is enchanted and I am the genie… I'll grant all your wishes but DON'T be a meanie ...” This week, you have the chance to win a wonderful new picture book from AWC alumna Victoria Mackinlay. The book is Ribbit Rabbit Robot – illustrated by Sofya Karmazina. Victoria... read more

11 Manuscript Awards to enter in 2020

We hope you’ve stocked up on paper – printing paper that is – because it is time to get those manuscripts ready for submission. We’ve collated a list of 2020 manuscript awards for writers like yourself to enter and share your stories.  Is your manuscript still a work-in-progress... read more

COMP CLOSED: ‘The Love that Remains’ by Susan Francis

“How could I write about the importance of truth and not tell the whole truth myself?” This week’s book giveaway is a memoir from Australian author and AWC alumna Susan Francis. Titled The Love That Remains, it’s an extraordinary tale about secrets, life’s shocking twists and unconditional... read more

Furious Fiction March 2020 winner and shortlist

It’s been quite a month for the planet, but Furious Fiction judging stops for no pandemic (although each entry did have to be judged two metres apart). It’s hard to believe it was only two and a half weeks ago (feels much longer, right?) that we received a... read more

COMP CLOSED: ‘The Banksia Bay Beach Shack’ by Sandie Docker

“A year is a long time in the memory of a small town. Stories get twisted, truths become warped, history is rewritten…” This week we have three copies to be won of Australian author and AWC alumni Sandie Docker’s latest novel – The Banksia Bay Beach Shack. Sandie previously wrote... read more