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WIN: ‘Bake Australia Great’ by Katherine Sabbath

Something to whet your appetite this week and perfect for the foodies (or pun fans). We have THREE copies of Bake Australia Great by Sydney cake queen Katherine Sabbath to give away! This mad-cap collection of edible Australiana will win over anyone with a love for the land of... read more

Our favourite 29-word stories…

Last week, we asked you to come up with a story that was exactly 29 words in length. No more, no fewer. But that wasn’t all. We also wanted the first and last word to be the same. And finally, we wanted this story to take us somewhere, somehow... read more

COMP CLOSED ‘The Joy of High Places’ by Patti Miller

This week we have three copies to give away of The Joy of High Places – a soaring new memoir about longing, resilience and delight in the natural world, from Australia’s foremost memoirist, Patti Miller.   In this extraordinary and unexpected book, Patti tells the story of her own long-distance... read more

Enter our 29-word story challenge!

Okay, end of winter – cobwebs and all that. Time to stretch your creative muscles. Keen to play? Today’s the 29th, so we challenge you to write a story that uses EXACTLY 29 words. But wait, there’s more. Your story has to begin and end with the SAME word... read more

COMP CLOSED: ‘Little Puggle’s Song’ by Vikki Conley

This week we have three copies to give away of Little Puggle’s Song – a delightful picture book from Vikki Conley, with illustrations by Hélene Magisson. Vikki has been a professional writer for many years and with multiple titles set to publish in the coming year, she is emerging... read more

7 short story competitions with huge prizes

There are lots of reasons why you might enter short story competitions. They’re a great incentive to help you finish and hone your story. They’re also an excellent opportunity to get your story in front of famous judges – who could be agents, publishers or writers. And of course... read more

Furious Fiction August 2019 winner and shortlist

This month’s Furious Fiction continued to break records, with almost 1400 entries received across the weekend! The theme was a little different too, as we got all descriptive. The August criteria were: Each story had to include, word for word, ALL of the following SIX descriptions: SHINY, SILVER COLD... read more

COMP CLOSED: ‘Where the Dead Go’ by Sarah Bailey

This week we have three copies to give away of Where the Dead Go – the new book from bestselling, award-winning author and AWC alumna, Sarah Bailey. This is Sarah’s third book, following on from the success of The Dark Lake (2017) and Into the Night (2018). You can... read more

Enter The Deakin University Non-fiction Prize 2019

Write non-fiction? The Deakin University Non-Fiction Prize is now open and there’s $3,000 AUD up for grabs! Entries for this competition close on 1 September 2019. It’s open to writers aged 30 and under, writing long-form non-fiction who are also Australian residents. From... read more

COMP CLOSED ‘Fake’ by Stephanie Wood

“Women the world over are brought up to hope, even expect, to find the man of their dreams, marry and live happily ever after…” But this week, our giveaway book presents a very different view. The book is Fake by Stephanie Wood, an award-winning features writer who has created... read more

How high do your stakes have to be?

By Nat Newman  How high do your stakes have to be when writing a story? Is death, destruction and violence necessary to push your story forward? Short answer: No way. I started thinking about this after a discussion on the So you want to be a writer Facebook community. A... read more

COMP CLOSED ‘The Blue Rose’ by Kate Forsyth

This week we have three copies to give away of The Blue Rose – the new book from award-winning author and AWC presenter Kate Forsyth. It moves between Imperial China and France during the ‘Terror’ of the French Revolution and is inspired by the true story of the quest for... read more

Furious Fiction July 2019 winner and shortlist

This month we rode the story train and received a record number of entries for Furious Fiction yet again (we keep breaking those records) – as nearly 1200 writers climbed aboard. It’s official – writers love trains! Here were the JULY requirements each story had to meet: The story had to... read more

COMP CLOSED: Double passes to ‘Who You Think I Am’

This week, thanks to Palace Films, we’re giving away 10 double passes to Who You Think I Am – in cinemas around Australia from 1 August. Based on the novel by French author Camille Laurens, this is a gripping and teasing new film about female desire and identity. Academy-award... read more

TELL US: What fuels your writing?

This week, we invite you to take part in a small writing task. What is it that drives you to write? Why do you do it? Writing can bring you incredible joy – but it can sometimes feel like a chore. It depends on your mood, what’s gone on that... read more