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The short long list of YOUR 21-word stories

To celebrate the recent Shortest Day of the Year (21 June 2018), we asked you to write us a story in 21 words or fewer. It simply had to contain the words “short” and “day” in it. On the day, we received nearly one thousand stories! What follows is a... read more

The Shortest Day Short Short Short Story Challenge

To celebrate the shortest day of the year today, 21 June, we’ve decided to celebrate short short short stories – and challenge you to write something short for us! Your story must be no more than 21 words long. Your story must include the words “short” and “day”. Your story... read more

Two competitions for emerging writers

Breaking into the world of publication can be tough for emerging writers. One excellent way to get a foot in the door is to enter competitions. The Australasian Association of Writing Programs has two great competitions now open to emerging writers. Who is an “emerging writer?”  For these competitions, according... read more

2018 Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition

Here's a novel idea for a writing competition— you're given the opening and closing lines from one of three classic works and you write the rest! Hence the name the Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition. From the Literary Taxidermy Website: The Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition is open... read more

Short story challenge: January 2018

As we roll on through your writing summer (apologies to those reading this in freezing northern hemisphere conditions) we thought we’d give you a helping hand – to help flex your writing muscles and kick off 2018. It’s a short story challenge (because we know how much you love... read more

Short story competitions to enter in 2018

Do you love writing short stories? Not only can these bite-sized gems help you to develop finer storytelling skills, you can potentially earn big bucks from your work. Check out the range of short story competitions to enter in 2018. And if you're looking to stand out from... read more

Newcastle Short Story Award 2018 now open

Time to crack those knuckles and start working on your short story over the holidays! The Newcastle Short Story Award 2018 is now open for entries, with a word limit of 2000 words. Main prize is a handsome $2000, but with several highly commended cash prizes, a wine voucher and... read more

Win $5000 with ELLE magazine’s short story competition

ELLE magazine have launched their first ever writing competition (for short stories up to 4000 words). Not only is there $5000 up for grabs for the winner, their story will also be published in the January 2018 edition of ELLE. From the ELLE website: We're on the lookout for... read more

25-word Short Story Challenge: Winner and top 50!

Back on the shortest day of the year, we put out a simple challenge to you – write us a 25-word story. The only rule was that it contain the words “violin” and “victory”. The rest was up to you. The one we judged our favourite would win free access... read more

COMP CLOSED: Short story challenge: June 2017

Wednesday 21 June 2017 marked the shortest day of the year here in the Southern Hemisphere – the winter solstice. We’re currently having four and half fewer hours of daylight than we’ll get on 22 December (the longest day). Four and a half hours! But it’s okay, because... read more

Poetry and Short Story Competitions Closing In June

The Hunter Writers Centre are running two writing competitions closing in June 2017. 2017 Grieve Writing Competition First up is the 2017 Grieve Writing Competition. The Grieve Writing Competition is in honour of Grief Awareness Month (August) with a prize pool of $7,000. Applicants are encouraged to submit a... read more

SHORTLIST PART 2: Your 99-word stories featured!

Last month in our weekly newsletter, we asked our readers to write us a story of no more than 99 words (not including optional title). Each story had to begin with the words “It hadn’t always been blue” and contain three other words: “clock”, “crisp” and “cuff”. Beyond this... read more

SHORTLIST PART 1: Your 99-word stories featured

Recently in our weekly newsletter, we asked readers to write us a story of no more than 99 words (not including optional title). Each story had to begin with the words "It hasn't always been blue" and contain three other words: "clock", "crisp" and "cuff". Beyond this brief, it... read more

Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction 2017

The Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction is back for 2017! This competition is open to women, female-identifying and non-binary writers and is hosted by Lip Magazine with the winner taking home a $1,500 cash prize and extra bonuses like a 12-month online subscription to Books + Publishing... read more

4 competitions for short story writers

Writing competitions can be a great motivational tool. Do you have a story idea that you would love to explore further? A neglected draft patiently waiting for you on your computer? Why not enter these short story competitions and use the submission deadline to your advantage. You may even find... read more

Enter the Overland Short Story Prize for your chance to win $6000

Australian and New Zealand short story writers, this competition is for you. The Overland Victoria University Short Story Prize for new and emerging writers is now open for the fifth consecutive year. They are welcoming pieces no longer than 3,000 words. To qualify, you must not have published more... read more

Explore love with this competition

talk to me about love banner
Ah February. Some people count down the days to February 14th with amorous impatience, some hate it with a fiery passion, while others adjust their hipster glasses and scoff, "Hallmark day". Whatever your views on February 14th, if you've got a manuscript exploring love in any of its forms... read more