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7 short story competitions with huge prizes

There are lots of reasons why you might enter short story competitions. They’re a great incentive to help you finish and hone your story. They’re also an excellent opportunity to get your story in front of famous judges – who could be agents, publishers or writers. And of course... read more

Furious Fiction August 2019 winner and shortlist

This month’s Furious Fiction continued to break records, with almost 1400 entries received across the weekend! The theme was a little different too, as we got all descriptive. The August criteria were: Each story had to include, word for word, ALL of the following SIX descriptions: SHINY, SILVER COLD... read more

Furious Fiction July 2019 winner and shortlist

This month we rode the story train and received a record number of entries for Furious Fiction yet again (we keep breaking those records) – as nearly 1200 writers climbed aboard. It’s official – writers love trains! Here were the JULY requirements each story had to meet: The story had to... read more

Furious Fiction June 2019 winner and shortlist

Near-record entries came flooding in for June’s Furious Fiction this month (more than 1000 stories across the weekend!) – which means our fans well and truly came to the PARTY. We put that word in caps just then for a reason – because that played a big part(y) in... read more

Furious Fiction May 2019 winner and shortlist

“Mayhem” was one of the words we required of storytellers in May, and combined with the mix of other criteria it was probably an appropriate description for our list of must-haves this month! That said, we had our second biggest ever response as nearly 1000 stories vied to be... read more

Furious Fiction April 2019 winner and shortlist

Writing short fiction is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution. If you’ve never done anything like this before, it could have you spending most of the Furious Fiction weekend asking yourself “what’s it going to be then, eh?” And so it... read more

Furious Fiction March 2019 winner and shortlist

Writing can be a lot like doing the laundry. You put a jumble of ideas and words into the machine and then--- actually, this simile isn’t doing it for us. Let’s just get to the winning Furious Fiction stories! For March’s criteria, we sent many into a... read more

2019 Grieve Writing Competition now open

In honour of Grieve Awareness Month in August, the Grieve Writing Competition is now open to all Australians. With over $7000 in prizes to be won and more than 100 works published in the Grieve anthology, this is a wonderful opportunity for writers 18 years and over. From the Hunter... read more

Furious Fiction February 2019 winner and shortlist

It was a bumper birthday bonanza this month – as a record number of more than 1100 writers submitted a story in Furious Fiction. Wow! Well done to all who entered. A reminder of the criteria that we asked for this month: Each story’s first sentence had to contain EXACTLY... read more

Furious Fiction January 2019 winner and shortlist

A new year and a NEW Furious Fiction challenge – with January seeing a record number of almost 1000 entrants (something about those New Year’s goals) battling it out for story supremacy. A reminder of the criteria that we asked for this month: Each story’s first word had to... read more

Short story competitions to enter in 2019

New year, new story! It’s time to dust off those short story ideas and enter some competitions in 2019. These opportunities are a great way to stretch your writing muscles and hone your craft. And who knows – you could win some cash for your words. If you’re looking... read more

The 2019 Woollahra Digital Literary Award is now open

Now in its third year, The Woollahra Digital Literary Award is a national literary award supporting innovation in Australian literature and publishing, encouraging writers producing work in a digital medium. From the Woollahra Municipal Council website: The award seeks submissions of a literary nature that are digitally born – published online... read more

2019 Newcastle Short Story Award now open

Entries for the 2019 Newcastle Short Story Award are now open! This award boasts over $6000 in prizes with the winner taking away a sweet $3000. So, what do you have to do? Well, the award is open to people 18 years and over and all you have to do... read more

Furious Fiction November 2018 winner and shortlist

Attention shoppers – it’s time to announce the winning story and shortlist for November’s Furious Fiction! This month’s criteria were: The story had to take place at a supermarket. The story's first sentence had to contain just two words. The story had to include something breaking. When... read more

Furious Fiction October 2018 winner and shortlist

Drum roll’s time to announce the winning story and shortlist for October’s Furious Fiction! This month’s criteria were: The story’s title had to be “The Lost Hour”. The story had to include a sentence with three colours in it. The story had to include... read more

Our 30 favourite 30-word stories

Creative challenges are a great way to unblock your imagination and just switch gears to help focus on other tasks. So that’s why we recently decided to give you a simple enough one – to use the image above as your prompt to write a story containing no more than... read more

30-word story challenge

Completing regular creative challenges is a brilliant way to unblock your brain and get your imagination firing. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we started our Furious Fiction earlier this year. So today we thought we’d have some more fun. See that comic book image above? We... read more