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Sarah Bailey wins Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel

A HUGE congratulations to AWC Creative Writing Stage 1 graduate, Sarah Bailey  who has won the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel, The Dark Lake (2017 Allen & Unwin). The Dark Lake was a bestseller around the world and her suspenseful storytelling about a police procedural set in country... read more

AWC alumnus Sarah Bailey makes the 2018 Indie Books Awards Longlist

We were so excited to see Australian Writers’ Centre alumnus Sarah Bailey on the 2018 Indie Book Awards Longlist for best debut novel, The Dark Lake. According to the media release: “Established in 2008, what makes the Indie Book Awards unique is that it’s the Australian independent booksellers themselves... read more

Shankari Chandran: From lawyer to published author

When Shankari Chandran took time out of her career as a lawyer to have her fourth child, she turned her hand to writing in between baby feeds and family demands. This pastime has turned into a new career and Shankari has now released her first novel The Barrier, a futuristic... read more

#WhereIWrite: Crime author Emma Viskic

Yes, it’s that time again. Where we delve into the shelves, explore the doors and investigate the desk space of authors. Today it’s award-winning Australian crime writer Emma Viskic – winner of the 2016 Ned Kelly Award for her critically acclaimed debut novel, Resurrection Bay. That same book... read more

A rendezvous with Gary Kemble, author of “Bad Blood”

Today we’re sitting in a crowded train station waiting to chat with crime and thriller author Gary Kemble, author of Bad Blood – the second novel in his Harry Hendrick series. When he arrives, we’re not supposed to turn around so we don’t draw suspicion. Hi Gary. (Is... read more

A Month of Murder and Mayhem. The free ebook and podcast series.

Crime. Murder. Espionage. Mystery. It’s a world filled with more evil and crime than you can shake a sharpened stick at – where people save the world from certain destruction, where spies, terrorists and thugs abound, and where the killer could be someone in your very own home. It's... read more

Q&A with Cath Ferla – author of Ghost Girls

Not to be confused with the upcoming all-female remake of Ghostbusters, this brand new novel – Ghost Girls (Echo Publishing) – takes place mainly in and around Sydney’s Chinatown district, with enough mystery and intrigue to shake many sticks at. We wanted to get to the bottom of this story... read more

The Vault: Michael Robotham – a matter of Life or Death…

We interview some great thriller authors on our So you want to be a writer podcast – and they graciously let us into their world (and mind!). Luckily, Michael Robotham is far more pleasant than some of the scenarios he paints on his pages. Here's one from the vault – as... read more

"My first time": Candice Fox

Crime and thriller author Candice Fox is the author of the bestselling book Eden, the complex story of a hardened female detective set in Sydney. It's the sequel to Hades. Candice is now working on the third book in the trilogy Fall. But how did she get her first... read more

7 questions with Deadly Obsession author Karen M Davis

Karen M Davis is an ex-cop who took on writing and smashed it with her first novel, Sinister Intent – released in 2013. Now her second book is out, and Karen recently spoke to us about Deadly Obsession and her approach to writing. Hi Karen, tell us about Deadly Obsession... read more

Sometimes crime DOES pay: we chat with Matt McGuire

Belfast, 2am, Tomb Street. A young man lies dead in an alley. Cracked ribs, broken jaw, fractured skull. With the Celtic Tiger purring and the Troubles in their death throes, Detective Sergeant John O'Neill is called to investigate. Meanwhile O'Neill's partner, DI Jack Ward, a veteran troubled detective, is receiving death threats from an unknown source…

You've just read the synopsis for When Sorrows Come – Belfast-born author Matt McGuire’s second novel in his DS O’Neill series. It’s a follow up to his debut 2012 novel, Dark Dawn, and further explores the brutal criminal underworld of new Northern Ireland.

Matt currently resides in Sydney, so we thought we'd chat to him as a he launches his book and we launch our new Crime and Thriller Writing course.

Chris Muir: Ad man writes action thriller

For author and AWC graduate Chris Muir, writing the fictional adventure thriller A Savage Garden, set in Africa, was a natural progression for the life-long passion he’s had for the country. But when you read this book, you realise that Chris’ experiences in Africa are anything but ordinary... read more

Award-winning author Wendy James on her ‘hybrid’ novels

Australian author Wendy James published her first novel, Out of the Silence, in 2005. In 2006, that book won the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Crime Fiction and was shortlisted for the Nita May Dobbie Award for women's writing.

Since then she has published five more books, including the critically acclaimed The Mistake, which was published in 2012.

Her latest book is The Lost Girls (Penguin Books Australia), is part family drama and part psychological thriller. It explores the aftermath of a brutal murder 32 years after the event.

7 Questions: Author of the bestselling ‘Cliff Hardy’ series Peter Corris

Peter Corris is an Australian author best know for his detective fiction series featuring private investigator Cliff Hardy. The series began with The Dying Trade, which was published in 1980. Since then, Peter has published over 40 Cliff Hardy novels, the latest being Silent Kill. He has won numerous awards for the series, including a Ned Kelly Award for Crime Writing for Lifetime Achievement in 1999, and has been credited with reviving genuine Australian crime novels.

Peter's early career was as a historian and academic. In 1975 he left academia to pursue a career in journalism but has been writing full-time since 1982. He has written a number of books outside of the Cliff Hardy series, including a biography of Fred Hollows and a collection of short stories about golf.

At My Desk: Bestselling action thriller novelist Matthew Reilly

International best-selling author Matthew Reilly began writing his first novel at 19, while still at university. That first novel, Contest, was rejected by all major publishers and Matthew self-published it in 1996, printing 1000 copies and selling it himself to bookstores across Sydney. In early 1997, he was... read more