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Pamela Freeman has a whopping 9 books under contract

We already knew that AWC presenter Pamela Freeman was amazing but now we think she's stratospheric! She currently has not one, not two, not five, but NINE books under contract! Incredible. We were so impressed by this feat that we had to ask Pamela just what it means to... read more

The simple secret to a successful story structure

Guest post by Pamela Freeman If you’re planning out your structure, it can be overwhelming. All the graphs of three-act structures, all the pacing advice, all the ‘do I have a midpoint reversal’ panics… But there is a simpler way to consider if your structure is solid. And... read more

Calling all unagented authors with fiction manuscripts

If you are an unagented author with a work of fiction, then this is for you. Ebury Press (an imprint of Penguin Books Limited) is open for fiction submissions. From the Ebury Press website: This open submissions period is a chance for unagented authors to get their manuscript to us... read more

Independent fantasy publishing house now open for submissions

Do you have a fantasy manuscript gathering dust in a drawer? Or maybe you’re currently working on a manuscript and are wondering how on earth you’re ever going to get it published. Well we’ve got great news for you!  Fantasy fiction publisher, Talem Press, an imprint of... read more

Kirsty Manning strolls “The Midsummer Garden”

Today we’re chatting with Kirsty Manning about her debut novel, The Midsummer Garden – a kind of tasty time travelling tale. For those readers who haven't read The Midsummer Garden yet, can you tell us what it's about? “The Midsummer Garden brings to life the stories of two... read more

Dancing with the Tsars: Ninth time lucky for Evelyn Skye

Evelyn Skye’s debut novel is The Crown’s Game – a kind of Russia meets Westeros affair. Evelyn has been described as an avid pizza and cookie eater who was once offered a job in the CIA, yet actually wishes she could go on a dancing reality show. She seemed... read more

Author C.S. Sealey shares her story

C.S. (Carmel) Sealey’s lifelong dream of completing and publishing her first novel, Equilibrium, finally came true. Making writing a priority Not long ago, Carmel was stuck in a non-creative role at work. “I had no time to work on my book and not much motivation to make... read more

Alison Goodman talks Regency mash-up fiction

We’re here today with Alison Goodman – New York Bestselling author of the fantasy duology EON and EONA. Her latest novel is The Dark Days Club – book one of a new trilogy, which has been described as "a delicious collision of Regency romance and dark fantasy". So Alison, how would... read more

Creating secondary worlds

One of the great pleasures of writing a fantasy novel is creating the secondary world in which your story will inhabit. In the contemporary fiction genre, the writer knows the religious, political, historical, and cultural background of the society already A fantasy writer must construct the society from the very... read more

Words of wisdom from Kim Wilkins and Kimberley Freeman

In episode 15 of our top-rating podcast, So you want to be a writer, Allison Tait spoke with two authors at the same time: Kim Wilkins and Kimberley Freeman. But rather than talk over each other, it was all very orderly. That’s because it was the same person... read more

Jessica Shirvington: Living her dream

A true example of turning a writing dream into reality, Jessica Shirvington’s career continues to go from strength to strength. Author of the popular young adult series, The Violet Eden Chapters, Jessica has also delved into the world of picture books recently with Just the Way We Are (HarperCollins... read more