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10 online courses to make you a better writer

There’s nothing like the convenience of online learning to help you fit personal projects around your busy schedule. And if you’ve had the same writing resolutions popping up on your list again after again – why not make 2019 YOUR year to make them happen. Your future self will... read more

How to pass GO as a real estate copywriter

Being a freelance copywriter is a lot like playing Monopoly. No, not the part where you keep landing in jail, missing out on free parking or paying too much rent. I’m talking about your next source of income being determined by the roll of a dice – by chance. To... read more

Content writing opportunities for freelance writers: Part 2

In the first part of this series, I gave you an idea of the landscape for content writing for big businesses. In this post, we’re looking at opportunities for content writing for smaller businesses. This sector is booming as more small business owners understand the power of content. This... read more

Content writing opportunities for freelance writers: Part 1

So you’ve heard about the wonderful world of content. And, as a freelance writer, you want in. You understand that the world of content marketing has exploded and you’d like to ride this wave. Before you launch into this space it’s important to understand where this explosion... read more

Brad Kelly: From history teacher to full-time freelance writer

AWC courses completed: Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 Freelance Writing Masterclass Program Copywriting Essentials Profile Writing The Business of Freelancing Writing Australian History After a 15-year career as a history teacher, Brad Kelly was ready for his next challenge. With a keen interest in the world of writing... read more

7 effective time management tips for freelance copywriters

You can’t beat the freedom and flexibility that come with being a freelance writer – but that doesn’t mean that freelance writing is an easy job. Some people, particularly those who wouldn’t generally be considered self-starters, often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to... read more

The Vault: Bernadette Schwerdt talks copywriting

Do you have an invention or piece of intellectual property that you'd like protected? Then it's a guarantee that you DON'T need a copywriter. (Instead, you'd want someone who specialises in copyright.) A copywriter is someone who writes words that sell – and one of the most... read more

The 27 habits of highly successful copywriters

If you want to make it as an uber-successful copywriter, here are 27 habits you should nurture ... Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to buy the product. Why should he or she want to buy it? What are their interests, their worries? Tap into them... read more

How to write words that sell to make people buy

Copywriting: (n) The art of writing promotional material for websites, brochures, advertisements, emailers, proposals etc. I had the good fortune to have Apple as one of my advertising clients. They asked us to come up with a series of headlines for a 24-page brochure to get rid of a... read more

Changing careers and landing a coveted role in publishing

Courses taken at AWC: Creative Writing Stage 1 Freelance Writing Stage 1 Grammar and Punctuation Essentials History, Mystery and Magic Deadlines. Celebrities. Breaking stories. And a growing audience of women who are clamouring for more digital content. That’s the world of Avi Vince, Managing Editor of iVillage Australia, which... read more

How to write headlines that work

Do you write words that sell? Or are you in a business where you need to get the attention of your target audience? Perhaps you’re writing brochures or advertisements. Well, you probably also know that advertising is expensive. So how do you make small space advertising work for you... read more

The importance of a good copywriting quote.

When you start out as a copywriter it seems pretty simple. Get some clients, write some ace copy - get paid! And seriously, who doesn't want to write for a living? But sooner or later you're going to come across the dreaded "quote creep". This is where your definition... read more

Are you hopeless at working from home? Try these 5 solutions.

This post is by Sue White, successful freelance writer and Australian Writers' Centre presenter. This last fortnight at least half a dozen friends – mostly of the journo and/or blogger variety – have complained to me about their absolute lack of ability to work effectively from home.  One friend started with... read more

Bernadette Schwerdt on copywriting

So you want to be a copywriter? You've heard that this is one of the most lucrative options you can have as a writer. But what does it really entail – and do you have what it takes to be successful? Our weekly top-rating podcast So you want to... read more

Have you considered these freelance writing revenue streams?

Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait ran a masterclass at this year’s Storyology conference, run by The Walkley Foundation. Called “Turn Your Passion into Productivity and Profit”, they spoke to a packed room about finding new opportunities in the world of freelancing writing. “Many freelancers complain that editorial pages are... read more

The rise and rise of branded journalism

While the media landscape is peppered with announcements about print magazine closures, many writers are mourning the loss of opportunities in this space. At the same time, however, we're also observing a rise in branded journalism opportunities with an increasing number of corporations adding “publishing” to their core activities... read more