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Laura Waters’ trek into travel writing success

Courses taken at AWC: Online Travel Writing Freelance Writing Masterclass Laura Waters walked over 3000 kilometres across New Zealand to conquer her anxieties and find her true passion: writing. After finishing the Australian Writers’ Centre Travel Writing course, Laura turned her hobby into a profession and now writes travel articles... read more

Emily McAuliffe’s successful venture into full-time travel writing

Emily McAuliffe can’t remember what first prompted her to do a writing course – possibly just for “something to do”. However, many words later, she now lives in Portugal and works as a full-time writer – with work published here and overseas! Getting started “I had no real expectations and... read more

The five biggest mistakes aspiring travel writers make

Relax! Everyone makes mistakes, especially when entering a new field. But wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need to make those mistakes quite so publicly? By following the advice of our travel writing presenter, Sue White, you just may be able to avoid the most common mistakes... read more

The #1 question all travel writers should ask

This post is by Sue White, intrepid travel writer and Australian Writers' Centre Travel Writing and Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 course presenter. WOOEE. You’re on the road. You’ve planned a great travel writing itinerary, maybe even sold a story or two, and you’re out there... read more

Have you considered these freelance writing revenue streams?

Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait ran a masterclass at this year’s Storyology conference, run by The Walkley Foundation. Called “Turn Your Passion into Productivity and Profit”, they spoke to a packed room about finding new opportunities in the world of freelancing writing. “Many freelancers complain that editorial pages are... read more

10 reasons why editors don’t reply to your pitch.

As an editor and journalist, I’ve experienced life on both sides of the fence. When you’re a magazine editor, you are the one who holds all the power about which stories gets published. It’s your job to get the right combination of stories and stay within budget... read more

Jocelyn Pride: Finding the perfect travel writing formula

Jocelyn Pride completed the Australian Writers' Centre Travel Writing course in the summer holidays of 2011. She grew up in a home where storytelling was prominent. Her mother’s skill of taking people on a journey with her love of words filtered down a generation. With a background in education... read more