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2019 Brisbane Writers Festival tickets now on sale

The Brisbane Writers Festival is on from 5-8 September 2019 and tickets are now on sale. The Brisbane Writers Festival have announced a massive lineup with over 160 internationally renowned writers, thinkers and more scheduled to speak and present at the event. The festival will have a special focus... read more

Ask Valerie: How can I get into corporate writing?

There are many genres in writing. Crime and thriller writing. Memoir writing. Travel writing. Some of these can conjure images of exciting plots or exotic locales. But not all genres evoke this same kind of romance or glamour. Like corporate writing. But wait. Before you screw your nose up at... read more

How to keep track of all your freelance article ideas

If this is a problem for you, congratulations! We’re talking about having so many ideas for articles that you struggle to keep track of them all. While some people have a hard time coming up with ideas, we know that others seem to have an unending supply of them... read more

Tax planning for writers in 2016

By Liz Russell  If you’re quick off the mark, you’ll have already filed your income tax return for 2015 and your bank balance is looking a little healthier. In a better world, this would mean you’re off the hook and don’t have to think about your... read more

What new freelance writers need to know about tax

By Liz Russell  Back in our parents’ day, working two jobs meant an around-the-clock commitment. These days, it’s become a lot easier to juggle multiple engagements. You can have a day job in the office to guarantee a regular flow of income, and do freelance writing jobs... read more

What are freelancers paid?

Rachel's List is a media recruitment and connection website for job-seekers, editors/employers, and PRs. This month they released the results of their annual survey, giving us a peek into the minds (and wallets!) of freelance writers. We've included the results below, but for more information head... read more

3 new (financial) year resolutions for freelance writers

Happy new (financial) year! While the start of the calendar year is often rife with resolutions about losing weight, setting new career goals and crossing items off your bucket list, we think that the start of the financial year deserves some attention on self-improvement too. Specifically, it's vital... read more