Freelance Writing Stage 1

Freelance Writing Stage 1

Transform yourself into a freelance writer!

This course is ideal for: Anyone craving a new income writing original content for magazines, online publications and more.

You will:
Find story angles that will get published
Discover how to structure a compelling article
Learn the important elements of every feature story
Get expert advice on research, interviewing and pitching
Start earning an income as a freelance writer!

“I am now able to earn more money working from home with complete flexibility than I did in my previous roles that were difficult to juggle with family life. I've never felt so valued in my work.”
- Brooke Lumsden, Freelance Writing Stage 1 graduate






Starts Saturday 3 August 2019 , 10am-4pm
2 consecutive days
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Starts Saturday 24 August 2019 , 10am–4pm
2 consecutive days
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Starts Saturday 26 October 2019 , 10am–4pm
2 consecutive days
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Freelance Writing Stage 1 is also offered in an online classroom.


Freelance Writing Stage 1

2-day weekend workshop – an overview

Our weekend workshops are held throughout the year in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Over the two days (10am-4pm each day), you will learn the skills you need to pitch story ideas to editors, get published and earn money as a freelance writer. You'll be able to write for your favourite magazines, newspapers or websites.

Across both days, you will work through lessons that cover the fundamentals of feature writing and will have the opportunity to ask your presenter any questions along the way.


  1. Industry overview

    Preparation and research is key for a freelance writer. As a class, you will look at the industry and the breakdown of hard news vs feature articles. You will learn how to analyse a publication and match its target market with your ideas or skillset.

  2. Ideas and angles

    Ideas can come from anywhere. You’ll find out which ones work as feature articles and how to use news hooks, trends, celebrity happenings, events, dates and more to make your stories relevant. You will also learn how to find a new angle for an existing topic, as well as the growing popularity of content writing/marketing and how you can get this type of work.

  3. Story structure

    Every good story needs a strong structure – the skeleton on which to add your own style. You will learn the essential elements needed for every article and the importance of intros, breakout boxes, expert opinions and more. You'll also analyse articles from hook to ending, seeing which work and which don’t!


  1. We suggest setting aside some time Saturday evening to complete a small assignment, to cement what you’ve learnt on day 1.


  1. Transitions and storytelling techniques

    You'll continue to deep dive into articles, particularly how to transition smoothly from one paragraph to the next. You will also learn how to apply some creative storytelling techniques to your freelance writing to ensure your reader stays engrossed throughout.

  2. Research, sources and interviews

    To create a balanced article (and not simply an opinion piece), research and relevant quotes (from experts or case studies) are essential. You’ll learn the best ways and places to source information for your stories, as well as the mechanics of interviewing – where to find your subjects, what questions to ask and some ethical considerations with using quotes

  3. Selling your work and seeing it in print or online

    Arguably the most important step of the process is bringing it to the wider audience – through publication in a newspaper, magazine or website. To do this, you need to pitch your story idea (or completed story) to an editor. It may seem daunting, but this course will give you the confidence to pitch like a pro. Successfully selling your articles is a skill in itself and it’s what will turn freelancing into a regular income!

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Josefa Pete completed Freelance Writing Stage 1

“I think before I did the course, I thought there was this secret magic guidebook which everyone who was writing had, and was reading and following these steps and rules. And unless you knew about them, you just couldn’t do this! I walked in [to the course] thinking ‘I know nothing and I can do nothing’. And I walked out with every single skill I needed to be a freelance writer. The course finished on a Sunday afternoon. I’m pretty sure I sent my first pitch the next day!”

– Josefa Pete, freelance writer.

“Is this course for me?”

Freelance Writing Stage 1 is a course for anyone looking to get paid for writing real life content and articles. People such as:

Get ongoing freelance support

Freelance Writing Stage 1 provides you with all the foundation skills you need to start pitching stories and building a portfolio of written work. But many graduates also want support in the “real world” – and that’s where our online Freelance Writing Masterclass Program comes in.

Exclusive to graduates of the stage 1 course, the program is like an apprenticeship, giving you valuable mentoring, feedback and more as you start out as a freelance writer. As a member, you have unlimited online access to a library of extra tutorials to add to your skills and confidence. You can also get feedback on your pitches and ask AWC founder Valerie Khoo questions in the monthly Ask Me Anything video sessions. With extra support and advice from an exclusive members group, it's the perfect way to keep up the momentum following Freelance Writing Stage 1.

By the end of Freelance Writing Stage 1, you'll have:

KNOWLEDGE: We’ve condensed a decade’s worth of learning in this highly practical and intensive two-day course.
CONFIDENCE: Knowing how the industry works, how to interview and how to approach an editor is half the battle.
INSPIRATION: Come up with stories and angles for just about anything, anywhere.
MOTIVATION: There are hundreds of publications and websites that require freelance content – and you can start pitching on the Monday morning! (Sunday night if you’re super keen…)

Graduates have gone on to generate six-figure incomes working full-time as freelance writers, or even become editors themselves! The sky's the limit and it all starts here.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to do it, but this course proved me wrong! Absolutely do this course if you want to become a writer. It is informative and practical and empowering.”

– Julia Baker
(completed in Sydney)

"The Freelance Writing Stage 1 course is very useful if you're trying to decide if a career in freelance writing is suitable for you. You'll be offered a truthful account of the industry and its opportunities and challenges."

– Catherine McInerney
(completed in Melbourne)

"The course was a small group of lovely people and an informative, great presenter who knew her stuff! I always feel better being given information from an industry professional and she was that in spades. Thanks Australian Writers' Centre!"

– Elizabeth Dracopoulos
(completed in Perth)

“I liked all the different insights and how to pitch to an editor. I really enjoyed interviewing and writing about a classmate. The presenter was obviously very experienced and knowledgeable, and was keen to share what she knows. If you’re thinking of doing this course, you should definitely go for it!”

– Teri Foster
(completed in Melbourne)

Start freelancing today!

This ONE WEEKEND can change your life – giving you the confidence to succeed as a freelance writer.
There has never been a better time to bring your voice to the world (and earn money while you do it!). Enrol in this course today…

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