30 days of inspiration, motivation, mindfulness and LIVE creative challenges to help you spring into action!

This course is ideal for: Any type of writer who wants to get back in the groove and invigorate their daily routine.

You will:
Unlock a variety of inspirational items every day for a month
Challenge yourself with daily missions and themes
Beat procrastination with regular live writing challenges
Connect with fellow mojo members in our online platform
Smash your goals, find your mojo and recharge your creativity!






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30 days
One of our amazing presenters

Daily motivation for less than a coffee a day

We all need a boost of motivation every now and then. Perhaps you’ve been in hibernation mode over the past few months. It could be ideal timing because you’ve moved house or started a new job. Maybe you’ve lost your way on your goals or are tired of procrastinating. Whatever the reason, Australian Writers’ Centre’s MOJO MONTH is here to kickstart the next phase of your life!

Brought to you by the team behind Furious Fiction, MOJO MONTH is a feel-good, roller-coaster of motivation, discovery and personal goal setting – a cross between a life coach and an energy drink for your soul. If you want to find your MOJO, you’re in safe hands – because we know all the fun places to look.

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MOJO MONTH is designed for all types of writers. People like these...

"Thank you MOJO Team for one of the best months I have had in quite a while. This course should be for more than writers as it could be pitched at so many facets of life. I am almost totally blind and over the last four years thought my aspirations were over. I have resumed my autobiography and resumed the historical fiction I was working on. 3000 words!!! THANK YOU." – Christine Reed


"MOJO MONTH was an absolute surprise. I think anyone who is aspiring to write or pursue any creative process would benefit immensely if they spend a month going through this time of self discovery. The course nurtures a wholistic approach to creativity while providing a strong foundation to keep up a writing practice. The course for me was life changing. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT." – Jeanette Becklar

So, how does MOJO MONTH work?

It’s ridiculously simple really. From the first of the month, every morning you’ll receive an email from us inviting you to access your MOJO items for that day. These items will be split into four categories:

  • M for mindset – a daily insight into how you should best be treating your mind, body and soul to get the most out of your life.
  • O for online – we’ll share a link to something online that will make you think, make you gasp or simply make you laugh.
  • J for jukebox – a curated daily song to tap your toes to. Turn it up!
  • O for operation – your own mission for the day, if you choose to accept it...

The exciting part is you won’t know what motivational morsels are coming your way until the day begins. And because it’s in real time, YOU help make the month what it is – through your interactions and submissions!

Also along for the ride is your MOJO MONTH team – on hand to set challenges, share results and submissions and much more. Think of it as your very own magical mystery tour of motivation – helping you (and other MOJO members) create new habits and spring clean your creativity.

“Every day you have a choice – stay the same, or change. Every day is another chance to get stronger, live healthier and be the BEST version of YOU.”

At the end of MOJO MONTH, you will have:

  • Fantastic strategies for battling imposter syndrome and staying motivated
  • A bunch of new ways to unlock your creativity instantly
  • A stack of online resources and motivational music
  • Supercharged techniques on big and small goal setting
  • Powerful methods and insights on improving productivity
  • New mojo mates from the course!
  • Feel-good vibes from prioritising something you love.


Designed to help people find their creative spark, beat procrastination and achieve small yet powerful goals throughout the month, MOJO MONTH is for ANY type of writer who wants to get back in the groove and invigorate their daily routine.

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"I am an artist and writer and I believe the course can help any creative mind, not just writers. You make heaps of new friends to help you in the future if you get stuck again. It was fantastic how it created a community of like-minded writers from all over the world. Worth every cent, a wonderful experience. Thank you so much." – Christine Denniss


"I didn't really know what to expect but I loved it so much. I loved the positivity and energy springing out at me every day. I loved feeling part of a group all doing the same things and having the same struggles/triumphs. It quickly became part of my routine and the springboard to get me writing every day. I will sorely miss it. Bring on the next one!!" – Imogen French


How much time will I need?
MOJO MONTH has been created for busy bees and is designed to fit around jam-packed schedules. You'll discover quick and easy ways to re-energise your writing routine and expand your creative thinking. It’s more about mindset than minutes. If you have time for a cuppa in the morning – you'll have time for MOJO MONTH!

What if I miss a day?
It’s up to you to complete each day, but if you happen to miss a day's activity here and there – no biggie. We’re all adults – simply catch up the next day or write it off. But we suspect you'll quickly find yourself addicted to your daily MOJO Mail and will suddenly have MORE time than ever before to dedicate to your creative projects!

Do I need writing experience?
Nope. MOJO MONTH has been designed for complete newbies, creative writers, seasoned professionals and anyone who wants more motivation to achieve their goals. We understand the ebbs and flows of a creative life and how debilitating it can be when you're in a creative slump.

Whether you're currently working on a writing project or just craving more time to stretch your right brain – MOJO will give you fun and easy-to-follow exercises to fulfil your creative potential.

When will MOJO MONTH begin?
This special event only runs a few times a year – the most recent being September 2019. But we will be running it again – so be sure to click the button to be notified when we announce it.


We'll bring the world-class course content, daily motivation and a diverse community of like-minded people.
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