Armchair Travel

Armchair Travel

Those who wander are seldom lost for words. Tell your story.

This course is ideal for: People with a personal story to share about a journey or travel experience

You'll explore how to:
Write a compelling travel memoir
Turn your travels into a manuscript
Avoid travel clichés and bring places to life
Incorporate strong themes and conflict in your story
And much more

This course was previously known as Travel Memoir.






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Life's an adventure! This is your journey, your story, your unique memoir...

  • Are you planning a trip that you think has book potential?
  • Somewhere different, something unique or someplace exotic?
  • You may travel a lot for work and believe you already have a story to share.
  • Perhaps you’d like your travel blog to be more than just a list of places and dates.
  • Or maybe you’ve recently returned from riding backwards on a unicycle across Africa whilst towing a small inflatable paddling pool.
  • Step this way. If you think there could be a book in it, your journey has just begun!

Choose your own adventure

It’s called armchair travel, although you may know it as “travel memoir” or more recently “vicarious travel”. And that’s it in a nutshell – allowing your readers to live through your exploits. It’s a genre which has grown as fast as the world has shrunk, with thousands of titles catering to all tastes – Tuscany to Tucson, Bali to Mali, way-out wacky to down-right dramatic. And incredibly, just like a train in India, there’s always room for more!

From a publishing point of view, the travel memoir segment has a lot going for it. Publishers and readers alike love this genre – its variety, its sense of adventure and its glimpse into different worlds. Bestsellers are just that, selling millions of copies. And your story could be next!

Bestselling storytelling

Before you grab your surfboard and head for the Sahara, it’s worthwhile learning the art of storytelling. Because unlike travel journalism, literary travel writing is about narrative techniques – more closely related to fiction than a Sunday magazine travel piece.

So whether you consider yourself a travelling writer or a writing traveller, it’s essential you’re able to tell a good story.

We’re talking about crafting a compelling story with credible characters, believable dialogue, atmosphere, tension and revelation. It may be real life, but that doesn’t give you permission to be dull! Your travel blog or book needs to engage readers and invoke a sense of “being there”. Remember, the destination is merely the backdrop for your story and experiences.

I really enjoyed the pace and structure of the course, the short exercises, reading and listening to other members of the group,
and the feedback from the presenter. It was great to have a presenter who has been published in the field.

- Katherine Hill

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to structure your travel memoir to ensure it’s unique from the very first page.
  • How to keep your travel blog fresh and exciting – even when you’re not travelling.
  • Techniques on writing your travel journal without clichés.
  • Ways to transform your dog-eared diaries into a must-read manuscript.
  • How to prepare for a trip and how to shape the writing on your return.
  • How to use social media and Twitter to raise your profile as you write.
  • The big sell – how to write a compelling book proposal to get your work published.
  • And much more!

Have course, will travel

This course is suited to both first-time and seasoned writers. Packed full of tips, examples and exercises, you’ll be encouraged to leave the armchair behind and write your own travel narrative.

This course is about writing a book or blog about your travels. If you want to write travel articles about places and destinations, please check out our Travel Writing course here.

Your journey doesn’t need to be some exotic speck on a map – in fact, it could be in the same postcode. Quality travel storytelling is all about your experiences, not how many miles it took you to have them. So, grab your unicycle and let’s begin sharing your stories of the world with the world!

The AWC methodology

We truly believe that every person needs to tap into their own creative intuition. It’s YOUR ideas and imagination that will make your stories unique – and find your voice in your writing. However, we also know there are clear frameworks and techniques that will make you a better writer. AWC’s methodology will equip you with the right tools and skills you need, but also show you how to harness the creative process and tap into your own innate talents.

It was truly enjoyable. I have wanted to do a course like this for such a long time. I never knew I could learn so much about travel memoir writing.

- Beverly Pang

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