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Explore your creativity

Write for a living

Polish your communication

Change your life

Enter the blogosphere

Creative Writing

Enhance your skills

Fiction Essentials: CHARACTERS

Engage readers through your cast of characters.

Use character development to create narrative tension.

Complete exercises to cement your new skills.


Fiction Essentials: DIALOGUE

Discover how to write compelling conversations.

Learn how to use dialogue to drive your story forward.

Complete exercises to ensure your dialogue is authentic.


Fiction Essentials: POINT OF VIEW

Master this vital skill in fiction writing.

Gain techniques to strengthen your narrative voice.

Complete exercises to solidify your storytelling.


Fiction Essentials: Grammar and Punctuation

Master the art of punctuating dialogue correctly

Know how to avoid common formatting and style mistakes

Complete exercises and quizzes to reinforce your skills


Anatomy of a Crime: How to Write About Murder

Get tips from #1 NY Times bestseller author Candice Fox.

Delve into the grisly side of fiction.

Bring your scenes to life with authentic crime details.


Writing Chapter Books for 6-9 year olds

Discover how to create your own book series.

Understand the story themes that resonate.

Uncover the techniques that keep young readers hooked.


Short Story Essentials

Learn the secrets to compelling short fiction.

Create a gripping narrative with great pace.

Receive a personalised assessment on your 2500-word story!


Author toolkit

2 Hours to Scrivener Power

Master Scrivener 3 – the must-have tool for authors.

Transform the way you research and write.

Discover author Natasha Lester's secrets to Scrivener success.


Build Your Author Platform

Boost your brand and your profile.

Learn how to choose the right social media platforms.

Create a community of fans – before your book hits shelves!


Make Time to Write

Features the popular Creative Writing 30-day Bootcamp!

Get strategies to fight procrastination.

A step-by-step guide for creating a writing routine.


Creative Writing 30-day Bootcamp

Create a daily writing routine.

Strengthen your creative muscles through regular use.

Smash out 10,000 words in just one month.


Learn more about getting published

Self-publish Your Novel on Kindle

Ideal for authors who want a global readership.

Discover the critical elements of a professional ebook.

Learn the exact steps to sell internationally on Kindle.


Book Covers That Sell

Discover the 5 steps to a winning cover.

Learn the book cover rules for your genre.

Attract readers with the right fonts and imagery.


Inside Publishing

Discover the nuts and bolts of publishing.

Maximise your chances of getting a book deal.

Gain the insider knowledge you need for author success.


Pitch Your Novel: How to Attract Agents and Publishers

Learn how to put together a bulletproof pitch.

Gain tips on writing your synopsis and cover letter.

Your 10-step process for approaching agents and publishers.


Successful Self-publishing: Print and Ebooks

A self-publishing framework for non-fiction writers.

Demystify the current self-publishing landscape.

Get professional guidance on book layout and design.


Freelance Writing

The Business of Freelancing

Turn your feature writing talent into a business.

Receive useful invoice and cashflow templates.

Get insider tips to make you super efficient.


Profile Writing

Presented by award-winning feature writer, David Leser.

Learn how to write compelling profile pieces.

Find out the right questions to ask for a stellar interview.


Content Writing

Write compelling blog posts and articles for businesses.

Learn the angles that connect with readers.

Receive 9 easy-to-follow templates.


Real Estate Copywriting

Unlock a reliable revenue stream writing property ads.

Tips on getting started plus valuable templates.

Earn the course cost back in just 1-2 jobs.


Business Writing

Professional Business Writing

Instils the fundamentals of writing in plain English.

Produce clear and concise documents every time.

Learn the 11 golden rules of good business writing.


How to Write Media Releases

Get results with well-written press releases.

Learn what information journalists want to see.

Receive proven templates and guides.


Write a Business Book

The ultimate step-by-step guide to building your own book.

Learn how to showcase your knowledge, chapter by chapter.

Leverage your book to get more leads and convert more sales.


Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself

Learn how to become a writer with this motivational program.

Access tips, advice and strategies from successful writers.

Your step-by-step guide to change your life.



Blogging for Beginners

Take the guesswork out of setting up your own blog.

Learn how to keep your content current and post regularly.

Carve out your very own corner of the internet.


How to Get More Blog Readers

Develop a blueprint to grow your readership.

Learn how to attract fans and potential sponsors.

Write compelling content and great headlines.