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Discover how a freelance writing course at AWC can change your life.

If you’d like the flexibility and freedom of becoming a freelance writer or copywriter – getting paid to write articles for publications or content for clients – you'll find the ideal course here.

Most of our courses are offered online (learn from anywhere!), with some also available as classroom workshops throughout the year in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Each course has been created by experts in the industry to give you access to an exciting (and often life-changing) new revenue stream. Many freelancers do it part-time, while others make a career out of it. The choice is yours!

Explore an area of interest below and embrace a freelance lifestyle for yourself…

Freelance writing

Freelance - extra skills


Copywriting - extra skills

The core feature writing path

Learn the foundations of compelling feature articles

Freelance Writing Stage 1

Industry advice on writing for publications

Techniques on structure, research, interviewing

Find and pitch story ideas with confidence

Stage 1
Online Classroom
5 weeks 1 weekend
$450 $450

Freelance Writing Masterclass Program

Further real-world mentoring

Direct access to expert feedback/advice

Sharpen your skills, fast-track success

Stage 2
$65 per month

Freelance writing – extra skills

Hone your techniques and explore an area of interest

Travel Writing

Write engaging travel content

Tips on itineraries, photography, freebies

Turn any place into a paid story

Online Classroom
5 weeks 1 weekend
$450 $450

Food Writing

Discover the art of description

Bring food to life for readers

For foodies, reviewers and travellers

1 weekend

Profile Writing

Write compelling human stories

Learn pacing, structure and style

Valuable insights from a top profiler

Online Classroom
Self-paced Half-day
$175 $175

Content Writing

Create compelling content quickly

Showcase specific expertise

Engage readers with easy templates


How to Write Media Releases

Learn to correctly structure releases

Understand the key points to deliver

Tips on maximising exposure and hit-rate


The Business of Freelancing

Turn your feature writing into a business

Tips on invoicing, tax and more

How to be effective in quoting for jobs



Learn the foundation skills to get started as a copywriter

Copywriting Essentials

Write headlines and words that sell

Take creative briefs and do research

Earn money immediately from clients

5 weeks

Copywriting – extra skills

Increase your copywriting services and knowledge

How to Build a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business

Strategies for getting more clients

How to fill your portfolio fast

Position yourself as a specialist

5 weeks

SEO Copywriting

Write copy that Google loves

Tips on making your words smarter

Charge more as an expert

5 weeks

UX/UI Copywriting

Create seamless online user experiences

Best practice app and web techniques

Convert more customers and drive sales

Online Team training
Coming soon Request quote

Real Estate Copywriting

Unlock a reliable revenue stream

Tips and templates on getting started

Earn course cost back in just 1-2 jobs


Writing for the Web & Mobile

Communicate effectively online

The golden rules of information design

Explore SEO and contextual links

Classroom Team training
One day One day
$550 Request quote