Tim Gooding, Presenter

Tim Gooding writes for stage, film and television. He is also a musician and songwriter. Tim’s feature film credits include Heatwave and On the Loose. He is the recipient of a Distinctly Australian Writers Fellowship from the Australian Film Commission. He devised and co-wrote the ABC TV series Sweet and Sour, the soundtrack of which achieved platinum sales and was a nationwide hit.

He has written television comedy – The Aunty Jack Show, The Norman Gunston Show, Wollongong The BraveRatbags – and drama – Rafferty’s Rules, Blue Heelers, Stingers, Water Rats, All Saints – plus numerous other series involving doctors, lawyers, and police officers, or a blend of the three, on land, sea and in the air. For younger viewers he has contributed scripts to Mortified, Time Trackers, Heartbreak High, CJ the DJ, Penelope K By The Way, and others. Tim’s episode 6 of Mortified, “The Talk”, won First Prize at the 2007 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, and the Theme Prize at 2008 Prix Jeunesse in Munich.

His theatre productions include the musical plays King Of Country and Rock-Ola, Tentshow Pagliacci, The Astounding Optimissimos, and a new translation of Molière’s The Miser. The Sydney Theatre Company production of his comedy Drums Along The Diamantina featured Mel Gibson as Wayne from Queensland.

Some of the programs and films Tim has written for include:

Testimonials about this presenter

“Tim Gooding is a great communicator. He imparts a wealth of information in an entertaining and inspiring manner. The course, like a good film, flows at a cracking pace.”

- Cynthia Cowan

“Tim is great. He’s very helpful and obviously knows his stuff, he’s also enthusiastic and inspirational. I’ve been struggling with some aspects of my writing for years and in this short course Tim has opened a few doors by revealing that rather than a mystery there is a simplicity to the process of writing for the screen. He has inspired me with the confidence to keep plugging away. Already my work has improved and I feel motivated to keep pushing on with my writing.”

- Chris Mitchell

“I loved Tim’s enthusiasm and the way he would get across points he was trying to make. Being able to leverage his experience and knowledge was invaluable. I definitely have a better idea of how to build and manage the development of a script. I really enjoyed Tim’s teaching methods and found him very responsive when discussing my own script.”

- David Howlett

“I definitely came away with knowledge of a process that I did not possess when I first started. I also have a broad overall knowledge of how to go about writing a script. Tim has plenty of industry knowledge and his editorial skills are excellent.”

- David Owens

“Tim is passionate about his subject and inspired me to write and to continue after the course has finished. I wanted a cut-to-the-chase experience that emphasised practice rather than theory and that’s what I got. I feel inspired and have some basic tools to continue developing my screenplay and possibly others.”

- Colleen Winney

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Screenwriting Stage 1
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