Theodora Polycarpou 1 week ago

It was a great introduction to blogging, blogging sites and available tools. I loved the Blogger tutorials. My blog is on Blogger and I learned lots of new things to help me. I learned about Google Analytics. Definitely a worthwhile investment in time and money.

The tutorials were great, very valuable. It was actually a rather comprehensive course, which surprised me. I really enjoyed it and found it inspiring.

I am now armed with more knowledge and information about blogging and some of the useful tools available. My next blog will be better. I have implemented Google Analytics and linked my domain name to my blog, which I previously did not know mattered. I learned new and useful tools I can now use on Blogger. These will make my blog better and a better user experience.

Karen Makarucha 3 months ago

I commenced my Masters of Writing this year and it became apparent that part of being a writer is to be a published writer. Some of my classmates already had their own blogs and I thought blogging would be a great way to develop my writing skills and work towards being a published writer.

There was so much more content is this course than I expected. Thank-you for being so helpful.

I enjoyed how each section was broken up into small achievable components. Also, the detail provided on developing a blog as opposed to just setting one up. The final section on gaining and maintaining a readership was great as well.

Kayla Saddington 3 months ago

I started a blog years ago, wrote a couple of posts and have not touched it in years. After starting a new social media account on Instagram dedicated to sustainable living, I wanted to see if going back to blogging could be a good option for the future, now that I have a solid idea and plan.

I enjoyed exploring the references and going down a rabbit hole of blogs, discovering some I was very interested in and even went back to.

I think I'd like to start blogging again!

Having done 5 courses with AWC now, I'd say that it's just so much fun. Every module, I learn something new or have something reiterated to the point where I feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to. I always feel motivated and ready to apply what I've just learned.

Arianne Perry 4 months ago

I enjoyed the actual demonstration on creating your own blog from scratch. It has given me the confidence that yes, I will be able to set up my own blog.

Great content that is structured well along with very knowledgeable and helpful tutors. While this particular course was 100% self-paced, without tutor interaction, it was still very detailed and easy to follow.

Karen Gribbin 5 months ago

I blog on my domain page, but wanted to know more about getting the best out of blogging that I can. I learnt a lot about what I should have been doing from the start.

The course was easy to navigate, and the speakers and videos were of good quality.

Madeline Kuluris 5 months ago

The videos were engaging and easy to follow.

(The course) helped me tailor my writing skills for blog writing.

This course is a good starting point for starting to blog and is encouraging even for beginners or those with no writing experience.

Vicki Skidmore 5 months ago

I have already created my blog and written my first post while working through the course. It truly made me confident to get started.

Amariah Berechiah 6 months ago

I enjoyed the structure and various examples of different types of blogs. The information was conveyed simply.

It was a great course, it had great examples, ideas and structure.

Anna Mahoney 6 months ago

I was attracted to this course because I wanted to know more about blogging and why I should consider it. I enjoyed the informal tone coupled with lots of valuable tips. I had no idea it would be so easy to do. AWC has really improved my writing skills and knowledge of the tools available to me as a writer.

Marianne Caddy 7 months ago

I wished to increase my writing skills to include blog writing so I can get more practise at writing. Up to date and very clear presentation of the information.

I am now confident to start a blog and know the steps involved and choices.

It is very easy for anyone to start a blog and requires very little technical skills to start. Writing is the important part and technical skills increase over time, if need be.

The AWC provides a variety of valuable ways to support writers on an ongoing basis, including free-entry competitions and information and inspiration in the podcasts. Very reasonably priced short courses are also offered, including online, making it easy to study at any time of the day.

Tessa Moriarty 7 months ago

Great course. Realistic. Easy to follow. Covered all aspects for the beginner blogger.

Realistic expectations were presented throughout the modules.

I feel confident to set up and start my blog. Content is king.

An easy to understand and realistic course which covers all basic steps to setting up a blog.

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