Nicole Symens 8 months ago

This course has given me structure to learn how to write articles and an introduction into the freelance and journalism industry.

It is a great way to get a clear idea of the freelance industry and journalism. It also provides you with vital article writing skills in a clear and understandable way.

Ashley Valli 8 months ago

The tutor provided great feedback. Didn't skip over anything that needed some constructive criticism and provided in-depth feedback wherever needed.

The additional handouts were very helpful and I enjoyed analysing articles both good and bad to see what worked and what didn't. I liked that Vivienne was able to provide insight into the freelance writing industry with the business side of things as well as the writing side of things.

Not coincidentally, I had my first paid submission to an online magazine. And luckily, through Vivienne's invoice examples, I was also able to quickly identify what to write up for my first invoice.

Do it. Vivienne provides very honest and helpful feedback and the way the course is run allows you to observe feedback from others as well --- which can be so helpful to quickly learn from others in a similar position to you, what they've done well and where they can improve. It's very professionally run and allows you to study at any time of the week.

Nicole Hasler 8 months ago

The course was very practical. The learning material and assignments were extremely valuable without requiring too much time commitment for someone working full-time. Not only did I learn from my own feedback, being able to review others' work and feedback was extremely helpful.

I really enjoyed the whole process. I now feel like I have the confidence and knowledge to transition to a career in writing.

You will gain invaluable knowledge about the freelance writing industry that would take many years of trial and error to otherwise gain.

Susanna Heiskanen 8 months ago

The tutor was very knowledgeable and very open and honest with her feedback without being abrupt or making you feel that you do not know what you are doing.

I enjoyed the assignments and feedback to them. Really liked the fact that you had feedback on your writing and everything else that you need to do when you create an article and submit/pitch it.

I like the flow and it forces you to do something every week. You are ready to pitch at the end of the course.

I am more than determined to get myself published now knowing it is not that hard when you put your mind to it.

There is a method on approaching things/research/writing and pitching and if you follow the course advice you cannot get it wrong.

I would say this is the best place to start your freelance career!

Thank you, for everything Vivienne! Would love to do another course with you guys to hone my skills even more!

Bronwen Morgan 9 months ago

Highly professional, admirably practical, thoroughly insider-look at the step-by-step process of becoming a freelance writer. From suggesting the precise formulation of pitch emails through to celebrating the novelistic qualities of profile writing, this course takes you from the grand to the mundane and back with grace and clarity.

Thank you!

Samuel Williams 9 months ago

The tutor was very good. I enjoyed hearing the feedback verbally rather than just in writing. I enjoyed the practicality of writing a feature.

It was better designed than my Master of Writing online.

I am now actively seeking publication as a freelancer.

Penelope Broadbent 9 months ago

I loved sitting down with the lectures every week. Valerie's voice is so nice to listen to (not in a freaky way I promise!). They brought up so many interesting things and "Oh yeah, I was wondering about that" moments. I also enjoyed reading the selection of longer profile pieces in the handouts.

I came into the course wanting to know if freelance writing was something I would enjoy doing and was able to do. I came out of it with those questions partly answered but most importantly I now have all the tools I need to plan, research, pitch and write an article. After only a few weeks I can pitch a viable article to a real publication. I could do it tomorrow if I wanted!

Really well organised and planned. You come out of the courses with really practical, industry-based knowledge and the courses often answer all your "this is probably a stupid question but I really wanna know" questions. This course taught me big things and small things - all of them fundamental and useful.


Izzy Holder 10 months ago

Vivienne was very prompt and active in the online classroom, and my impression of her was that she was a very encouraging but also honest and genuine tutor. I enjoyed the feedback immensely, and I think her delivery of it is very inspiring. I feel encouraged whilst also challenged, without ever feeling judged.

I enjoyed getting to listen to lessons, and Valerie's style of teaching was wonderful. I looked forward to the sessions with my headphones on and my notebook in front of me, and getting to follow along the audio with the helpful summary of points. The profile writing assignment was my favourite activity by far!

It's opened up a world of possibility which I'd never given thought to before! It's helped me reconnect to the love of writing I had in school, which I had been discouraged to pursue as any sort of career. This has given me the knowledge that it is totally possible, and given me a feeling of excitement that I could use my love of words and creativity to carve out an unexpected career path and do something I consider meaningful and aligned with my values.

The course is delightful! It's well-structured, affordable, interesting, and equips you with very practical, real-life knowledge to go down the writing path.

Thank you to the team for designing and offering this course! It's been a highlight of my year.

Merc Moldrich 10 months ago

Cindy provided me with great feedback on my assignments. She was professional and insightful in her feedback.

I enjoyed interviewing a classmate. Even though I did not really know the interviewing process, I really enjoyed talking to another person doing the same course, learning about their lives and what they hoped to achieve.

It has given me some tools to start writing stories for magazine and online publications.

Value for money and helped focus me in Sydney lockdown. If you want practical information and knowledge that builds your writing practice, whether creatively or commercially, then try out the AWC courses.

Kate Armstrong 10 months ago

Alex was great. She gave very clear and helpful feedback that I could use to work on my skills.

I enjoyed hearing real-world stories from the industry. It really helped me to see that writing freelance is possible and that it’s something I can do.

The course gets you ready to start out freelancing, it's focused on the industry and provides concrete examples, case studies and best practice.

Carly Marriott 11 months ago

I've already submitted 3 articles and had 2 positive responses; I'm off and away.

I've stewed on writing professionally for years but now with the industry know-how, I can pitch my writing ideas and get going.

If you really want to write, do a course with AWC and see where it takes you.

Sheela Paul 11 months ago

I was concerned that the material provided may be too difficult given I do not have a background in journalism. However, it was very easy to understand.

I feel more in touch with my strengths in writing and rediscovered my passion for words. I really enjoyed discovering that I love writing.

Fabulous course. Self-enriching in every way! Anything is possible. You just need to discover the pathway to reaching it.

Anna-Nicole Del-Re 11 months ago

I loved the practicality. I have a journalism and creative writing degree but this is much more hands on and actually gives you the tools to make a freelance career as a writer or even use the tools of writing in your work. I am very impressed by the content and Valerie Khoo has a dream voice to listen to!

I feel more confident now on how I can establish myself more as a freelance writer. I have had some articles published but this model and system could really take my career to the next level and potentially a full-time role which is ideally my goal.

The course gives you a practical step-by-step guide that actually works. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace.

Belinda Chung 11 months ago

The course was great in giving insider tips on getting started in the industry and providing tips on writing a good feature article. It also highlighted that I may need more practice in writing to fine tune my skills

The course overall was very interesting and enjoyable; I can't decide what was best. Alex was great. She was very encouraging and provided very constructive feedback.

It has helped give me a real insight into what it means to be a good writer and provided me with an understanding of where I need to improve my skills to become a great writer. It has motivated me to give it a go.

It's a really good course for giving you the key tools for good feature writing.

Carl Wong 1 year ago

The tutor was supportive and helpful. I enjoyed the supportive nature and the detailed modules. Allowed me to think about more clearly as to what direction I want my writing to head towards.

Amazing course. Highly recommended.

Cara Lopez 1 year ago

I genuinely appreciated all the feedback from Alex (our online tutor) and got a lot out of listening to everyone's feedback.

I enjoyed going deeper into publications and topics that I wanted to explore further. I also liked having the pair assignment where we interviewed each other. It was good fun, but also very educational at the same time.

I am now more confident in pursuing my writing further.

The AWC courses are well-structured and likewise, the tutor's feedback is so invaluable! It gave me accountability for developing my own writing practice through the weekly assignments.

I am excited to do another course!

Tony Williams 1 year ago

Being in retirement and having been a teacher for many years, I wanted something that would challenge me and writing was a natural extension of my work as a teacher.

I felt somewhat nervous about others in the course reading my attempts, but in the end, I felt it was helpful and something I had better get used to if I wanted others to read my published work. It was good to see how others tackled the assignments and the feedback given by Alex on others' (and my) work was extremely helpful to me and reinforced and clarified salient points raised in the audio lessons. It was also helpful to have a chat section where questions could be raised and responses provided both by Alex and other participants.

I thought Alex was very good and supportive of everyone doing the course. It was very encouraging to receive honest and helpful feedback from someone like Alex with real-world editorial experience.

It was interesting writing the profile and conducting an interview--very good practice! It was good to meet another participant on a more in-depth level.

It has given me the tools and courage to take the next step of pitching to an editor.

Heather Ward 1 year ago

I feel ready to try freelance writing as a side hustle, with a view to going full time one day. I have found something I feel passionate about again and this course has given me the confidence to pursue writing and that I have the skills to do this.

Definitely sign up - the information you will learn is invaluable for such a reasonable price

Thank you - after a hellish year in lockdown in Melbourne (and back in it as I write!) I had become used to living in survival mode. This course has revitalised me, given me a purpose and I now have something other than my day job or kids to focus on - something just for me that I know I can be successful at.

Ellen Arnold 1 year ago

It was exactly what I was looking for - practical and concise information to get me started on my freelance writing journey.

It's given me the confidence to begin my freelance writing career.

Julie Dardel 1 year ago

I've learnt so much in 5 weeks! I have a much better idea of what used to be a completely unknown practice and industry.

I'd say the course I've completed has been money very well spent and that it was super practical and very easy to fit in a busy lifestyle.

Thank you!

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