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I enjoyed how easy it was for me to understand the terms of grammar and punctuation. The course itself was very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to improve either grammar and/or punctuation skills. Deb was simply amazing! She was using simple examples and explaining what each term meant in simple English ‚ couldn't ask for a better presenter. I would recommend AWC ‚ it's worth it. You learn everything in the one hit!

— Jenny Foaese

Deb was fantastic, she made it easy to understand and I'm so glad I made the time to go. AWC provides content that is invaluable to all.

— Lee Y

The exercises that put the theory into practice really helped to clarify the learning. Deb was very knowledgeable, highly experienced and delivered what I thought to be very complex ideas in an easy-to-understand and manner. I've done several of the courses on offer at the Australian Writers' Centre and have never had a negative experience. The experts who teach at the Centre won't blow smoke at you ‚ they're knowledgeable, fair and want you to succeed almost more than you do.

— Mike Cullen

I think Deb is highly knowledgeable and her enthusiastic manner made the class enjoyable. Do it! It is intense but worth the time.

— Linda Lieu

Deb was a font of grammar know-how. Really well-flowing and clear presentation of material. The material was clearly explained, there was great take home resources and an open forum for asking questions. AWC provides consistently fantastic courses (this was my 4th one!).

— Natalie Macken

I enjoyed how easy for me to understand the terms of grammar and punctuation. The course itself was very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to improve either grammar and/or punctuation skills. And Deb was simply amazing! If a student understands what the teacher is talking about, then that presenter is doing an amazing job. Using simple examples and explaining what each term means in simple english, I couldn't have asked for a better presenter. With my Samoan background, we speak two languages at home and this course has helped me to improve my English grammar and punctuation skills. I learned everything in one hit!

— Jenny Foaese

AWC provides engaging training sessions lead by knowledgeable, professional presenters. They have excellent resource material. They rekindled my desire to give due respect to the written word.

— Judith Clear

Deb managed to make a dry subject really engaging and clearly knew her stuff inside and out! The presenter's style was great and she was happy to take the time to explore areas of particular interest that came up as we progressed through the material. I also loved getting the book to take away as it meant I can refer back to it and work through the material more in my own time. AWC has highly knowledgeable presenters and practical courses ‚ do it!

— Kate Burke

There was a good mix of theory and examples/practice to understand how to implement what I'd learned. Deb was very relaxed and approachable and gave us lots of time to ask questions and have open conversations about content. Deb was also open to adjusting content to students and used real world examples to help long term learnings

— Sally Youngman

Deb Doyle is amazing with her knowledge of all things related to the English language. Considering the amount of content covered, she ran the day really well. Grammar and Punctuation Essentials was well run, convenient and had a lovely location to attend.

— Stephen Clegg

Deb was relaxed and easy-to-understand. Her teaching techniques were fantastic. If only there were more Debs in the education system. I enjoyed the participation and interactivity of the course. The fact that we weren't staring at a whiteboard all day, and that we were able to put into action the theory being taught.

— Brooke

Deb knew the subject area in great depth and I enjoyed how she clarified common grammatical errors. The Australian Writers Centre is value for money.

— Kate Atkinson

The course content had the right amount of detail and I really enjoyed the group exercises. Deb is outstanding. She is friendly, funny, knowledgeable and a great teacher. AWC provides consistently high-quality courses, credible teachers and a beautiful location.

— Victoria Hall

Deb Doyle provided interesting examples to highlight common grammar and punctuation mistakes. It's tough to make grammar and punctuation fun, but Deb managed to do just that ‚ she really knows her topic.

— Daniel O'Keeffe

The exercises that put the theory into practice really helped to clarify the learning. Deb was very knowledgeable, highly experienced and she delivered what I thought to be very complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. I have recommended the Australian Writers' Centre to several people over the years. I have never had a bad experience with the courses on offer, nor the instructors. The experts who teach at the Centre won't blow smoke at you. They're knowledgeable, fair and want you to succeed almost more than you do.

— Mike Cullen

I loved the course and I enjoyed the intimacy of the group. It was great to be able to have questions and answers in a such a nice, small group. I felt safe asking 'stupid' questions. Grammar and Punctuation Essentials is an excellent course that helps you get to the crux of what clear writing is.

— Jacqueline Marcus

It totally demystified some pesky punctuation problems that have been plaguing me! Deb was brilliant. I thought it was going to be an arduous day, but Deb's bubbly personality made the topic very interesting. It was great that she took the time to understand what we felt we were grappling with and made sure we knew what we were doing with our problem areas by the end of the day. Great confidence builder!

— Mary-Ellen Quirk

Deb is very knowledgeable and friendly. She is authoritative but very approachable as well. Its an excellent refresher to those who are taking up more writing and editing tasks.

— Martin Tiong We Tay

Deb was exceedingly knowledgeable about her subject and managed to make the day light and fun. She has a great sense of humour which is so important in presenting what could be a laborious topic. Grammar and Punctuation Essentials provided very professional tutoring, a friendly environment and a super location with excellent public transport access.

— Victoria Hannah

I really enjoyed getting some confirmation on the things I was unsure about. Deb was very knowledgeable about the subject.

— Kelsey Nash

I didn't really think that a grammar and punctuation course could be too exciting and engaging but Deb was a fantastic presenter and explained grammar and punctuation concepts in a way that demystified them. She was incredibly engaging and genuine and really knew her stuff ‚ I was happily involved for the whole day.

— Nicky Gangemi

Deb was excellent and really made it enjoyable as well.

— Michael Church

I enjoyed the small class size, which meant more time for discussion. Deb really knew her stuff! She was able to answer all my questions and help me work out the more difficult areas. The course was very helpful, the staff at the Centre are lovely, and the facilities are easy to find and very nice.

— Jordanna Epp

There were excellent tips, a good resource to take home, and I liked workshoping lots of examples together. Deb was clear, concise, fun and very knowledgeable.

— Rebecca Hanlon

The content was excellent. I found it super interesting. Lovely location, nice people, great content.

— Jodi Barry

Grammar and Punctuation has immediate practical benefits and is a worthwhile investment.

— Mathew Patterson

Deb was absolutely brilliant. Her teaching style is approachable, intelligent and well-paced. I would add three exclamation marks but I now know that's a hyphenated no-no!

— Janet Hillis

This course is something anyone can benefit from.

— Tina Chappell

The way the course was presented was fantastic. There was never a dull moment. Deb Doyle is an outstanding presenter. She made the course enjoyable and very easy to understand. Deb showed genuine interest in our desire to learn. I've gained knowledge as well as confidence in my grammar and punctuation skills.

— Claudia Arrage

Deb was great, she explained everything in very great detail and was very easy to understand.

— Lisa Robertson

The course was well presented and the course notes are an excellent reference tool. Deb was very professional and passionate about her subject matter. She is an excellent presenter.

— Madeline Gill

The course was very good. I highly recommend attending it.

— Nicole Lewis

The content of the course was very helpful and relevant to my position. I particularly liked the exercises where we were asked to edit/correct text. Deb is obviously a master of the English language. Her knowledge is evident and her presentation style was lively and kept the class awake and enthusiastic. I would say this course is almost 100% tailored to suit anyone who edits, proofreads or is required to write material in their professional capacity.

— Angela Gilmour

The location was pretty spectacular! I find grammar interesting so found that the time passed really quickly. The seminar was well-paced and pitched and I came away feeling much more confident about what I know and now have a resource to which I can turn for the things that are a little shakier! The presenter seemed able to sum up everyone's particular strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly and was able to pitch the session to suit all levels. She was obviously knowledgeable of her subject matter as she was able to pull random examples out of the air to further explain specific points.

— Alexandra Norton

Deb was great and certainly knows her stuff.

— Mark Butterfield

I took this course as if I was going to undertake a general health check-up. I was glad to know that though I did not have major problems, after taking this course, I feel much healthier! Deb's course has refined and sharpened my grammar and punctuation. Now I can be more polished in my writing and when I read good books/articles I can learn and pick the good and correct styles from them because I now understand better the role and function of grammar and punctuation.

— Fourteena Pusaka Dewi Halim

I enjoyed the fact that the flow of the information was consistent and continual. There was lots of information and it was delivered in a clear and concise manner. Deb is awesome!

— Jayne Herrmann

Deb was excellent! She exceeded my expectations!

— Lisa Green

Deb was very informative and approachable. She made the whole day a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience. Highly recommended.

— Julie Tran

I really enjoyed the practical exercises and the informative discussion. Deb was a great presenter. I enjoyed her relaxed and conversational attitude and she was very knowledgeable about the subject. The location was stunning, the staff very pleasant and the course materials well-prepared and effective.

— Kellie Deayton

The presenter makes it fun and keeps it simple. In enjoyed the way she taught and she was very knowledgeable.

— Mariana von-Lucken

It was a great refresher and I came away feeling empowered and enlightened.

— Bronwen Stinson

The presenter was easy to follow and friendly. Deb was always happy to answer our questions and tackle any grammar issues we were facing in our everyday line of work.

— Marissa Loe

Deb was fantastic. She really knows her stuff. I now have a better basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

— Stephanie Johnston

I feel much more confident with the basic rules of grammar and punctuation that once baffled me.

— Sunni Hughes

The instructor knew her stuff! And when she saw some of us having trouble understanding it she either went back over the material or made it easier for us to follow. For me, it made clear some of the grammar I had already learnt but was very fuzzy on.

As an aspiring editor this course has given me a brief glimpse into what that profession requires. It has also shown me that I can really learn and use this knowledge, especially if there was more time for it to sink in.

— Mark Quisumbing

Deb has encyclopaedic knowledge and an easy, breezy, inclusive style; she made learning a pleasure. Already I am more confident ‚ I now have a name for the nausea inducing corporate speak that is rampant at my workplace ‚ Nominalisation. It is my curse, but also my new cause!

— Dianne Mansell

I enjoyed the seemingly limitless amount of examples Deb had on offer at the drop of a hat. Grammar and terminology have a tendency to confuse me with overwhelming detail, so relating it back to actual examples was indispensable.

— Chris Deal

The content was excellent. All of my niggling grammar questions have been answered. Even as I am typing this response I am conscious of where I should place my commas!

— Niki Meris

Course was very well run, Deb knew the subject material backwards and taught it in a way that made it entirely accessible to me, I wish I'd done the course 15 years ago.

— Karl Melrose

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