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I enjoyed how much information was delivered in the two hours, and how it was easy to go and apply the information to my blog right away. Nicole was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was willing to share what she knows and answer any questions. If you've been looking at any of the Australian Writers' Centre courses, I highly recommend you giving one a go, you will get a lot from it. I loved this course.

— Dannielle Cresp

I enjoyed the interactive nature of the course and the wealth of practical experience Nicole offered. She had a very practical and sensible approach to opportunities...Nicole was able to respond really well to questions and conundrums and go with the flow so that it benefitted us all, while still keeping on track with subject matter - we covered so much ground! The course couldn't be improved ‚ it was sensational ‚ handouts, course guide, great speaker and inspiring location!

— Andrea Rowe

I appreciate that Nicole sent us home with copies of her presentation, on which we could write notes. Nicole is extremely knowledgeable ‚ I trust her advice, given that she has used what feel like real-life strategies to build her blog into a successful business. I also appreciate that she allowed course attendees to interrupt and ask questions along the way, on topic, instead of pooling them all at the end.

— Yasmeen Richards

Nicole's passion and knowledge were invaluable. She was fantastic ‚ obviously has so much experience and knowledge.

— Kelly Sammut

How to Get More Blog Readers presented enough ideas to keep me busy for years! Nicole Avery was confident and very organised. This course is an amazing resource. An absolute must if you are starting out on the journey of becoming a writer.

— Ruth Clare

I loved the structure of the content and the energy of the presenter ‚ she was insightful, patient with questions and inspiring. I learnt a lot from this specified course and it was all very well organised.

— Bec Thexton

Nicole gave really practical information ‚ it was great to have someone share the 'how to' aspects. I would come back to another session with Nicole in a heartbeat. Signing up to courses was easy, the presenter was fabulous, and I love the venue ‚ so inspiring!

— Alisha Johnston

Nicole was obviously really experienced, had great insights to offer and was really engaging.

— Alicia Patterson

It was great to meet like-minded people and see their creativity. Getting good tips and personal insights from Nicole was great! I would recommend it if you're an occasional/part-time blogger and need to be guided. This workshop gave good tips for strategy and to re-focus on my goals!

— Marion Cabanes

Great presenter and an informative session. Don't change anything!

— Kate Turner

There was so much information! All of it was relevant, interesting and I came away buzzing with motivation, enthusiasm and knowledge.

— Bridget Bible

Nicole is very accessible as a presenter. She was very open to discussion, and great with answering basic to more complex questions, making the participants feel at ease, and discussing her experience, where she has failed and learnt as well as how she has been successful ‚ this made for a good balance of information and inspiration from Nicole.

— Stephanie Fargher

The course's focus on goals, strategy and planning was extremely helpful. It clarified for me what kind of goals to set, the importance of posting regularly and several ways to produce posts, how to be effective on social media, and key differences when writing for the web.

— Amy Bachrach

I got enough ideas to keep me busy for years! Amazing resource. An absolute must if you are starting out on the journey.

— Ruth Clare

The course delivered everything that was promised and I found myself learning plenty of useful facts.

— Katie Gatward

Nicole's passion and knowledge was invaluable, she obviously has so much experience and knowledge. Fabulous.

— Kelly Sammut

Nicole was great. She obviously had a great deal of knowledge and, most importantly, experience about our topic. Her presentation was very comprehensive and she presented it with great fluidity. The editorial planning section Nicole presented has made a profound difference to my blogging. I have, as was prescribed, created my own editorial plan and have filled it in for virtually the whole year. It was a big task but I wouldn't have known to do this without Nicole's guidance.

— Jodi Jackson

I got lots of current information out of this practical course. I enjoyed hearing about others' blogs and I'm ready to learn more!

— Ruth Chadwick

Deb was fantastic. She explained things really well, everything was very clear.

— Eliz Lanson

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