Rhiannon Connelly 1 month ago

It was enjoyable and easy to follow. I feel confident on how to go forward. The ease of use made the information less overwhelming.

Helpful and informative; very well set out course. It has given me a map to move forward with and eased some of my confusion about the process.

Michael Morell 3 months ago

Natasha has put a lot of effort into making sure that every element of the pitching process is covered, and covered in detail.

I have used Natasha's template for a query letter a couple of times, modified for the situation. In one case, it led to a shortlisting for Penguin Random House's Write It Fellowship. With the letter I have developed through this course, I feel confident that I come across as professional while pitching the attributes of my writing and myself as a writer.

A big thank you to Natasha for her explanation of the three types of pitches - summary, strapline and the 'tell us more' overview. Without this I wouldn't have known where to start.

Natasha Lester's 'Pitch Your Novel' course not only walked me through the process of pitching my novel, but also provided insider knowledge that makes me feel so much more confident navigating the publishing industry.

Nina Dykstra 3 months ago

It made me think a lot more about the promotion of myself as an author but also the extra effort I could take to make sure I was organised and had a good knowledge base for what agents and publishers are looking for.

There are so many other steps you need to do to proceed once you have written your manuscript. I wouldn't have known this without this course.

Go for it - it was so helpful!

Tanya de Jong-Curtain 3 months ago

Natasha's expertise and sharing of her own journey to getting published and breaking down the steps into bite-size chunks was excellent (even the spreadsheets!)

I enjoyed the step-by-step actions to work through.

It provided the motivation for me to rewrite my pitch and synopsis several times already over the course. It was an encouraging reminder that we writers are in it for the long haul and not to give up when/if facing rejection.

You only get one chance -make sure your manuscript IS ready to pitch!

AWC creative writing courses are the best. Sign up - what are you waiting for?

Jacqui Nicholson 4 months ago

I've learned more than expected in terms of what's out there, what to expect and even terminology. I found it a more organised format to follow than what I have been doing so far.

It's very informative and helpful to anyone who wants to become a writer.

Edilia Ford 5 months ago

Having no idea where to start with getting published and the preparation involved in making a successful pitch this seemed like a good course to gain some insight into the process.

I think the course painted a realistic journey of what to expect in trying to get published. It seems quite daunting and gives a clear focus on how important marketing is for the aspiring author.

I liked the organisation of the materials and steps. It is a clear guide of actions you can take to help yourself achieve your goals.

Lesley Leadbetter 7 months ago

I've been unsuccessful in submitting to Agents and Publishers, so felt this course would help.

The facts were set out in pinpoint and Natasha spoke with a clear voice. She encouraged with examples of her own experiences.

The course is comprehensive and easy to follow.

Valerie Miller 8 months ago

I wanted to be prepared as I write my first draft of a novel. I was also very curious.

It was an excellent and informative course. I learnt so much. I am more informed and feel that I have a clear direction. I am more at ease with the process, what it entails and how I can give my manuscript the best possible chance, and to know that rejection is normal and that perseverance is the key; as is knowledge.

If you are writing the first draft of a novel, you must do this course to help you become more informed. The most informative and helpful course for an emerging writer.

David Hall 9 months ago

I enjoyed learning the information that I didn't know regarding how agents and publishers operate and what actually happens after you've completed your manuscript.

It just reinforced what I expected: that a manuscript needs multiple rewrites and that family/friends aren't exactly the best judge of your work. Also, the work needed that goes into pitching and fully understanding the manuscript was invaluable.

If you want to write, or are already writing, definitely do a course at the AWC. You will improve your skills, learn a lot and have a fun time doing it.

Cherie Corbett-Jones 11 months ago

Natasha was incredibly generous with her knowledge and experience, sharing both the good and the bad. Her enthusiasm was infectious and with the knowledge that she presented, it made you feel like you had a chance of succeeding.

I now feel like I can approach agents or publishers in a professional manner and will know how to deal with their acceptance (hopefully!) or rejection and be able to gracefully move onto the next step.

The AWC is a wonderful place for wannabe writers to connect with others and to get professional help that will assist them in achieving their dreams.

Eve Courtney 11 months ago

I now feel much more confident about navigating the industry and road to publication. I have concrete steps I can put in place, and a realistic sense of what to expect.

Emma Hughes 11 months ago

I have recommended the AWC many times for its practical and down to earth way of communicating, its invaluable perspective on the industry and the exceptional podcast with Val and Al.

Lisa Woodward 1 year ago

I wanted a deeper knowledge of the submission process and to understand contracts.

I enjoyed creating my plan of attack. It's given me a plan for when I take the next step and reaffirmed my ideas about agents/publishers. It has encouraged me to enter more competitions.

AWC provides worthwhile literary courses that have helped me every step of the way.

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