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Wow!!! Just wow!! This was THE BEST course I have ever EVER done. In two days it has saved my story, informed my practice as a writer and absolutely inspired me. The universe sent me an amazing experience.

— Valerie Miller, graduate of Plotting and Planning online live course

I can't speak highly enough of Kate as a presenter. She is extremely knowledgeable but is able to share her knowledge with everyone in a really engaging way. 10 out of 10 (can I make that 100 out of 10?!).

— Sandra Groom

The course was a huge success for me. I have been recommending AWC for years... Excellent value and, in particular, the online courses are top notch. This was my first on-location soiree and I loved it!

— Anne Hayes

This was hands down the best course I've done so far. Kate was so passionate and eager to share her wisdom with us, you could tell she really cared and packed as much info as possible into the day. Each bit was incredibly useful. The course was incredible ‚ do it!

— Nicole Webb

This is a comprehensive course, covering all bases of plotting and planning from a fresh, highly practical perspective. Although I had some knowledge of the basic theory, Kate's sharing of her views and methods gave me some interesting new tools to explore going forward. Kate is a writing Goddess! It's a privilege to receive her astute, witty and empowering wisdom. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her workshops do so without hesitation! The Australian Writers' Centre offers a fantastic range of informative, relevant and entertaining courses.

— Sharon Barba

This course made me realise that planning and researching is by far a better way to write. I feel that following all the tools that Kate will make me more organised and productive with my time. Kate was very professional and presented the information in a way that was easy to understand. Kate is an amazing teacher and passionate about what she does. The Australian Writers' Centre is a very professional institution which really makes you feel that you are learning and is great value for money.

— Philippa Barton

I loved Kate's systematic approach and big, generous heart. I would highly recommend the Australian Writers' Centre.

— Jen

Kate was excellent! She has a lot of energy and passion for the subject. The Australian Writers' Centre is friendly and welcoming.

— Adelaide Hunter

A one or two day course with the AWC will give your writing a turbo charge! The courses are very practical and you will be able to apply the learning immediately and see improvements to your writing.

— Sandra Groom

Everything was very informative and useful. Kate packed a lot of helpful information into such a small amount of time, and it was all so practical I am using it immediately. She is a fabulous presenter. Not only is she an excellent and established writer, she is also a great teacher, and wonderful in the classroom setting. Her people-management means that the course ran very smoothly.

— Helen Petrovic

There was a lot of information, all relevant ‚ I took pages and pages of notes. Equal parts inspiration and practical! Kate was a fabulous presenter! She kept us on target, gave us a great handout, generously answered our questions at lunch and after the session had finished. Her course was well-structured, flowed well and delivered everything it promised and more.

— Karen Corner

Pamela is really great, so knowledgeable, and has a wealth of experience that she is very generous in openly sharing with her students. The course was extremely worthwhile. Such great information and always well presented by all the teachers I've had so far.

— Shane Tartakover

I found it most interesting learning about the narrative arc and how you can play around with that but still have a story structure. Kate is a really good teacher. She is clear, organised with material and doesn't beat around the bush. This is my second course with Kate and both times I have come away with a strong understanding of how story writing theory applies to my own work.

— Maureen Flynn

Kate Forsyth is professional friendly and easy to connect with. I found her knowledge incredibly valuable and I am especially grateful for the experience and opportunity to pick her brain. Thank you so much Kate.

— Debra Phillips-Webb

Kate Forsyth really made this course fun and interesting and gave the participants a great foundation on approaches to plotting and planning, backed up with great examples and tools to help us get to work on our own projects. I feel like I got a lot out of the course, not just in terms of plotting and planning, but also in terms of food for thought and clarification around the direction I was taking with my own writing and I came away feeling highly motivated to write.

— Mary-Ellen Quirk

AWC run professional courses which can be applied for immediate improvement. I have completed several courses. I loved Plotting and Planning with Kate ‚ absolutely loved it.

— Virginia Klemt

Kate Forsyth was excellent. She shared her knowledge and experience freely and backed up her teaching with great examples. She clearly has a passion for what she does and this shines through. I found Kate highly engaging and very encouraging. It was great to have someone of that calibre and experience talk about her experience and insights as a writer.

— Rebecca de Winter

Kate is great presenter, she gives so much of herself. She is passionate and you can feel that her ultimate desire is for all of us to succeed.

— Karen Young

Kate was very engaging and took the time to get to know ALL the participants and looked to link aspects of the course directly to each of us! She was engaging, no nonsense and very realistic about making a work engaging and marketable!

— John Vauden

I liked the small group size, the diversity of the participants and the content of the course. The presenter was exceptional ‚ Kate knew her subject and delivered it in a logical, interesting and well-paced way. AWC have well-run professional courses. If you are serious about developing your writing skills in a focussed way, then I would recommend AWC.

— Clara Luxford

Kate is an excellent teacher and muse.

— Andy Morton

Having Kate as a presenter was definitely the most enjoyable part of the course. She is so full of life and enthusiasm which helps to really engage you in the subject matter. Her attitude towards her students is wonderful. She is so caring and invests herself in her students' writing and their areas of need. She brings a lot of heart to the course.

— Sarah Mendham

The information provided was really practical. I came away with tools that will help me to knuckle down and start writing! I loved the location. Easy train travel and a pleasant walk to a beautiful venue. Kate gives every participant a solution to their writing problems ‚ she balances group needs with individual's needs perfectly. The courses at AWC are practical, concise and great value for money.

— Carol Chapman

Kate is an engaging presenter, and a skilled writer. I found her insight invaluable. She also allowed a great deal of discussion, and always valued input from the class. I learned so much in just two sessions.

— David Coleman

The content was exactly as promised and what I needed. The group size meant it was easy to get along with everyone and still be able to ask questions and get feedback from Kate. Kate is a wonderful presenter. She is energetic and very passionate about what she is teaching which infects everyone in the class. You can't help but enjoy it. She is very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. AWC cover every aspect of creative writing and the presenters are wonderful and helpful. The classes and lessons are packed full of literary goodness and I would highly recommend them to anyone starting out or wishing to take their writing career further.

— Leanne Burns

Australian Writers Centre is a professional, fun learning experience that provides students a excellent starting point or encouragement to continue writing.

— Gemma Hamilton-Katz

Kate is a writing goddess. Every word that came out of her mouth was invaluable. I couldn't take enough notes. I learnt so much! Enrolling in this course was the best thing I could have done for my writing. I now have direction and a plan, whereas before I was essentially wandering in the dark.

— Kelly Woods

Kate was engaging and put everything in laymen's terms for us. She was well presented, knowledgeable, personable and easy to talk to. This course was value for money and had exceptional content.

— Lorraine Eljuga

OMG Pamela Freeman is the most beautiful funny and insanely amazing soul I have ever met in my life ‚ I love her energy and generosity.

— Lorraine Bosnich

The most enjoyable part of the course for me was taking the information home and reviewing the work that I had already done to see where I could improve or tweak my plan. It was also very encouraging to be able to see where I was going well and how I could expand the ideas that I already had.

— Rian Gampe

I just think Kate is wonderful. She is passionate, intelligent and this course was packed with useful information. She also has an ability to understand our needs and she is just so knowledgeable. I believe she really cares about what she does and truly wishes each and every one of us to succeed in our own writing journey.

— Olivia Vozila

Fascinating and articulate. Kate had some great material and great ideas. This course has helped me think more strategically about my novel, and to think through the important elements in a logical way.

— Barbara Watt

Kate is lovely and I found her very inspiring. This topic is such an important one so this course is something I think every writer needs!

— Catherine Pelosi

This course has motivated me to start working on my novel. I was constantly thinking of ways I could use the tools I learnt and apply them to my own work. Kate was amazing.

— Kimberly Williams

Plot is one of the most important fundamental aspects of book structure, yet nobody had ever explained it in such a comprehensive way to me before. Kate Forsyth is a national treasure and a brilliant teacher. I really enjoyed being her student.

— Lana Penrose

Kate is an excellent presenter. She is approachable, honest and has a knack for finding the problem area and directing you in how to overcome it.

— Mike Cullen

Fantastic! Dynamic! Inspiring! Kate is so knowledgable and generous in sharing information. The course was packed with useful information that I can apply on many levels now and later.

— Mary Hickson

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