Alice Williams 1 month ago

Lesley is a wonderful presenter - a pleasure to learn from. I enjoyed her teaching and doing the assignments.

I'm keen to experiment and see if I can produce something publishable. The main thing is that I really enjoyed it, which hopefully means my writing will be enjoyable to read.

Andrew Savreemootoo 2 months ago

Was quite keen to explore all aspects of my writing journey, particularly after having taken the Picture Books course for younger readers. I have fond memories of the chapter books of my own childhood and its role in introducing me to independent reading. I hadn't ever heard of a course for this specific area being offered before.

It was helpful going through the development of one particular story to illustrate the concepts. The presenter also offered a solid grasp of the area with examples from other books.

Children's books have always seemed an untouchable and distant realm for the chosen few. It was wonderful to have it demystified and explained by Lesley, with instructions that are clear and specific.

I think the AWC has given me such a boost, both in motivation and in confidence, to continue along the writing journey. It's paved the road that little bit more in the most important of ways.

Kate Feher 3 months ago

I'm a teacher for dyslexic children. The early chapter book is where these kids are desperate to reach. My stories have to appeal to a wide age range of beginning readers.

It's not until you take a course such as this that you realise how little you know about a winning book structure.

I always thought I was a good writer and could dash off a couple of PBs to feed my ego and show off to any grandkids. I now know what I didn't before. Writing for kids is not an easy task but I find it engrossing, a challenge that I have dived deeply into. It all started with Lesley's course. I may never be published but it has been the most rewarding hobby, or should I say vocation.

Just do it. Stop wallowing about in your own pond. Get up and breathe in the amazing advice from experts.

Thank you Lesley. Thank you AWC.

Tracy Webb 3 months ago

Lesley's presentation style was clear and easy to follow. The topics covered were comprehensive and informative. The exercises broadened my perspective on writing and publishing.

It has encouraged me to get back into writing. It is the place within me that I feel connected to the most.

The area of major learning for me was the themes that are usually covered when writing for 6 - 9 year olds. Most relate to their own world, including family, friends and school. But an exercise we did showed that the theme can be about anything - it just depends on how you present it.

The AWC has a wide and helpful range of courses for people interested in all areas of writing. There is something for everyone.

Thank you, Lesley, for sharing your knowledge and for your guidance.

Simone Bowers 4 months ago

I toyed with the idea of writing picture books after completing my Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing. I felt that my stories would suit an audience that was slightly older ... then I found this course and knew this was the age group I wanted to write for.

Lesley was a pleasure to listen to. She was thorough in her explanations and made each lesson easy to work through.

The entire course was enjoyable but the most enjoyable was the enthusiasm it has instilled in me to go back to the chapter book I started in 2016.

The desire to get back to writing for children had gone into hibernation, but it's now back with a bang!

Don't think about it ... just get on with it and enrol

Thanks for making these courses available :)

Christine Kiss 4 months ago

I really enjoyed learning from an actual author. Her experience was of great benefit.

I enjoyed reading the recommended chapter books. As a retired teacher librarian it was interesting to see the types of books that are still so popular.

The course revitalised the approach to children’s literature I have. Thank you. I really enjoyed the program.

Iona Krefel 5 months ago

I enjoyed the practical how-to type information and having the times listed where key points are in each video is very helpful! After writing my draft for the assignment I went back and dipped into the various tips that I wanted to check against my writing, so having the assignment helped me apply the information while it was still fresh in my mind.

I am working towards my goal of writing a chapter book novel. Just working through the course helped me learn about this genre and keep motivation. Because of the course I've borrowed a bunch of chapter books from the library. I also have started thinking about ideas for a series. I think Lesley is a very encouraging presenter as well. I think I might go back and listen to most of the videos again over the next few weeks to keep momentum.

I recommend the Australian Writers' Centre to people all the time! It is the only place I have found where the course quality is consistently fantastic and the tutors are successful in and passionate about their industry.

Penny McKee 5 months ago

Lesley Gibbes was an extremely knowledgeable, thorough and passionate tutor.

I enjoyed understanding the elements of writing Chapter books for ages 6-9, learning something about the industry and the market.

I'm always recommending AWC! I talk about how thorough the courses are and how what value they are.

Trish Donald 6 months ago

Lesley has a lovely manner. She explains things clearly and is professionally presented. The videos were nicely produced.

The advice was good. Exercises were practical and they really helped you to understand the requirements of that age group.

I felt like it has honed my skills and really helped me to think about short sentences and the type of action that is needed to keep children in this age group interested in reading a book.

I also liked what Lesley said about finishing stories. If you don't finish a story, you will get good at beginnings and maybe middles but not endings. That hit home because I am good at beginnings but struggle with middles.

Thank you for putting together this course. I enjoyed it. Thank you for having the opportunity to send a short piece of writing to Lesley for assessment. That is a great opportunity.

It is useful, relevant, helpful. Not too long a course, and not too short. Well worth the money.

Amelia Lewis 7 months ago

Lesley was an enthusiastic, clear and engaging presenter. Her feedback was considered and helpful.

The exercises were fun and complemented the course material well. I loved the advice about story arcs within a limited word count - it was very helpful to visualise this.

This course has given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try something new - I completed my first chapter book manuscript.

If you're looking for something targeted and informative to help you engage young children with your writing, enrol in this course. You'll learn a lot! Thanks for a fun and informative course!

Bridget White 8 months ago

Lesley Gibbes is a great presenter with heartfelt belief in her topic which is then passed on to course recipients.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm within each module.

This is my second course and I have felt supported in my learning. I think I have found my genre.

Alexandra Katschke 8 months ago

I loved and really appreciated how the course was structured and delivered.

Lesley was thorough, professional, direct and informative. I really enjoyed having her as my tutor.

What I enjoyed most about the course was the way in which it was delivered. It was all online and self-paced. With 4 small children at home, I found I could dip in and out of the course whenever it was convenient for me to do so. While the kids had their sleeps, or delve deeper into the course later at night. I could do as much or as little of the course modules as I wanted in each sitting.

The course has given me that extra boost of creative energy to keep me going with my writing journey.

Absolutely go for it! Dive into one of their courses. Try the ones that really grab your attention first, then paddle over to look at the other courses on offer. I can guarantee these courses can be addictive!

Thankyou :)

Joanna Donaldson 10 months ago

Lesley was a fantastic presenter!! I did enjoy the videos. She was clearly experienced and very encouraging. She knows the market.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm coming through the videos! And the market information. De-mystifying this genre as to things like word count and target age group.

I have started writing my first chapter book! This course gave me confidence to give it a go, with some pitch deadlines coming up.

For aspiring writers in WA, away from the action of Sydney and Melbourne, these are excellent, accessible courses that are totally targeted for the specific genre. Keep up the amazing work!!

Christine Runnion 10 months ago

The online tutor was great. The use of her own personal experiences made the lessons more interesting and enjoyable. I enjoyed the use of excerpts from books to illustrate key points and examples of types of successful books.

AWC is an excellent source of information and a good starting point for any new writer or person considering becoming a writer. I really enjoyed the course. It has given me the courage to have a go.

Angela Winton-Keirl 11 months ago

I loved listening and watching Leslie's presentations. She was so easy to follow; very pleasant.

The AWC is definitely worth signing up for. Plenty of advice, information and guidelines to assist in writing chapter books for 6-9 year olds.

The course has allowed me to sit down and focus on story-writing, instead of putting off writing.

Really enjoyed the course...Thank you.

Necia Zimmermann 11 months ago

That feeling of butterflies in my body happened from the moment the first video started.

Am I becoming addicted to these wonderful courses?

Exceeded expectations. Thankyou.

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