Content Writing

A step-by-step guide to writing powerful content quickly

This course is ideal for: Anyone who writes blog posts and articles for businesses

You will:
Discover how to write compelling content quickly and easily
Receive easy-to-follow templates that eliminate the guesswork
Position yourself (or your client) as a thought leader
Showcase expertise by creating powerful content
Understand the types of content that will engage readers.

“I didn’t know how to start writing content before. It’s taken the hesitation away and I feel confident to start now, using the templates. It’s not brain science! Just need to use a structure, and start!”
– Steph Austin, Content Writing graduate

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Key information
Key information:
This is an online self-paced course
Duration 1 This is an online self-paced course

Your 12 months' access begins straight away

Your 12 months' access begins straight away

Course Creator:
Valerie Khoo
Course Creator:
Valerie Khoo


Valerie Khoo
Content Writing course creator

Marketing to your heart’s content…

  • Do you want to write interesting content that engages readers?
  • Are you a thought leader who wants to showcase your expertise?
  • Are you a copywriter providing content for a business owner/expert?
  • Would you like to take the stress out of content creation?

In today’s saturated advertising market, content marketing is currently one of the most effective ways to connect with your prospects and target audience. It’s also extremely cost-effective – because unlike expensive advertising campaigns, it only requires a bunch of engaging words.

But what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is simply the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without overt selling. It ultimately achieves higher conversions, authentic connections and a community of loyal fans – because you’re sharing, not selling.

The numbers back us up on this one:

  • 60% of people say your content helps them make better product decisions.
  • 70% of people say your marketing makes them feel closer to your company.
  • 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get your information in a series of articles versus an advertisement.

[Source: Roper Public Affairs]

The key to effective content writing is ensuring that you really connect with your reader. It’s writing about issues and topics they find interesting. And it’s about writing in a way that’s easy for them to consume. People switch off to ads. So tell them stories.

“Doing this course placed me in a better position to be able to write across a range of publications, websites or industries with confidence. The added bonus is all the easy to follow templates which break it down into manageable chunks, so you can present your writing in a clear, concise way.”

Shari Whittick, Content Writing graduate

What you will learn in this course

Jam-packed with valuable information, in the course you will:

  • discover efficient ways to create content immediately
  • understand the exact angles that appeal to readers/prospects
  • learn how to write compelling headlines
  • receive 9 easy-to-follow templates to make content writing a breeze
  • position yourself as an expert via the content you create.

And much more!

“The quality and value AWC gives out through the courses are always such high standard – Content Writing is no exception. The example articles used in the templates are articles that are interesting as well as informative – something I actually want to read! This makes such a difference to have some lively information supporting the lesson to keep the learning experience engaging compared to ‘dry/lifeless' information that can sometimes be offered up as examples. Another example of AWC's thoughtful attention to detail.”

Jill Sherrin, Content Writing graduate

How our “self-paced courses” work

This is one of AWC’s 35+ “self-paced” online courses. But what does that mean? Allow us to explain:

What’s included in your online course?

  • 10 modules
  • 9 video lessons
  • 9 easy-to-follow templates

Who created this course?

This course is created by Valerie Khoo – an author, keynote speaker and business owner. She is also CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre and author of the book Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business.

Valerie has mentored many entrepreneurs and thought leaders who want to build their profile. She is a former public relations specialist and was also a journalist for Fairfax writing mainly about entrepreneurship and innovation. She has spent years telling the stories of entrepreneurs, helping them get publicity and writing content that showcases their expertise.

“Since completing the Content Writing course I have had three articles published on industry websites. This has helped position me as a thought leader. I have also used the content on my website and it's helped my SEO and pushed me further up the ranking on Google. This course has removed the fear and has given me a step-by-step formula that is easy to use and generate repeatable results. I highly recommend this course.”

– David Rook


Q: I am an entrepreneur/thought leader – how will this course help me?
A: Whether you’re writing on your own blog or contributing articles to another publication or site, you can use this content to position yourself as a thought leader. Engaging content can showcase your knowledge and help you build a community of people interested in your field of expertise.

This course will show you the steps to creating regular (that’s important) engaging content – and truly position yourself as a leader in your area.

Q: I am a freelance writer – how will this course help me?
A: There are an increasing number of opportunities for freelancers to write content for thought leaders. (After all, they’re so busy leading all those thoughts that it often makes sense to outsource their content marketing.) Even if you’re already an experienced journalist or writer, there are certain nuances to be aware of when you’re writing content for thought leaders.

Q: How do I complete this course?
A: This course has been designed to be completed at a pace that suits you. You can jump into it whenever you need to refer to any templates. There are no tutors, assignments or interaction required – instead, you receive unlimited access to the online course materials for 12 months (and our friendly support team). Take your time or binge learn it all in one rainy afternoon – it’s completely up to you!

Q: My business area isn’t very interesting – can I REALLY create engaging content?
A: Yes! And we’re saying that even without knowing what area you are in. Never underestimate the power of storytelling and the similarities that people look for in authentic communication. We will show you how to stop broadcasting and start communicating with your target audience.

Q: How is this course different from AWC's Freelance Writing Stage 1 or Copywriting Essentials courses?
A: This course is specifically about writing content that's ideal for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, speakers and consultants. It focuses on the kind of content you should write in order to showcase your expertise.

Our Freelance Writing Stage 1 course is designed to set you up as a freelance writer writing articles for online sites, magazines and newspapers and dealing with editors. (Many graduates will add on the Content Writing course to offer their services to thought leaders and experts.)

The Copywriting Essentials course is ideal if you want to write words that sell. Typically, this involves writing websites, brochures, advertisements, postcards, and so on. (Due to the explosion in content marketing, many graduates of this course also do the Content Writing course as there is an increasing demand for copywriters to provide this service.)

Key information
Key information:
This is an online self-paced course
Duration 1 This is an online self-paced course

Your 12 months' access begins straight away

Your 12 months' access begins straight away

Course Creator:
Valerie Khoo
Course Creator:
Valerie Khoo


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