History, Mystery and Magic

Learn the rules, then break them.

This course is ideal for: Writers of all levels who seek to create impactful cross-genre stories with historical or magical themes

You will explore:
How to write a compelling cross-genre story
Which rules you need to break
Unique storytelling patterns and structures
Balancing actual history and fiction effectively
And much more

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Where Starts Duration Presenter Price
Online live with tutor Learn in real-time using Zoom. Monday 17 August 2020
6.30–8.30pm AEST
5 Monday evenings Kate Forsyth $450

Explore the romance of history, mystery and magic in your writing

  • Do you want to write novels filled with the romance of the past?
  • Or with the page-turning compulsion of a suspenseful mystery?
  • Maybe you want to tell a story with that extra twist of magic and wonder?

Stories set in the past can take your readers into another world. But what tools and techniques can you use to capture their imagination? If you want to explore the romance of history, mystery and magic… this is the course for you!

Learn Online Live with Kate Forsyth

In this unique course, you will spend five evenings with internationally best-selling author Kate Forsyth. You will have an incredible opportunity to learn from one of Australia's best novelists.

With our Online Live courses, you participate online from the comfort of your own home in a live Zoom video-based classroom. Kate and your classmates are right there with you in real time.

Combine genres with confidence

You’ll learn how to use techniques drawn from different genres to create compelling stories. Many writers have leapt into the bestseller lists with their cross-genre tales of history, mystery, romance and magic. These include authors such as Isabel Allende, Philippa Gregory, Diana Gabaldon, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Joanne Harris and Juliet Marillier.

They write stories that stir the imagination, touch the heart and keep readers turning the pages long into the night.

The entire course was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on character and setting development,
as well as plotting and rising tension. It really is the perfect way to reignite your passion for writing,
to inspire creativity, and to really learn practical tips on the craft of writing.

– Sally Wood

The rules of the game

Each genre of fiction has its own conventions and characteristics, which can sometimes seem like unbreakable rules. By combining different elements of different genres, however, the writer can create ground-breaking novels of great freshness and originality.

Whether you are writing a medieval supernatural thriller, or a time travel romance, or exploring the cobwebby corners of forgotten history and mythology … you’ll discover a whole new world of writing in this course. In fact, if you are interested at all in history, mystery and magic, then Kate Forsyth can help you discover your story.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The key conventions of the world’s most popular literary genres (including historical fiction, crime and mystery, romance, horror, fantasy and magic realism).
  • What rules to keep and what rules can be broken.
  • Storytelling patterns and structures.
  • What kind of research you need to do to make your story credible.
  • The importance of voice, and how to find it.
  • Suspense and the art of surprise.
  • And much more!

This course exceeded my expectations. The presenter had a touch of magic to inspire.
I loved her presentation, patience and connection. Just jump in, it's well worth the leap!

– Marcia Tomaras

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Where Starts Duration Presenter Price
Online live with tutor Learn in real-time using Zoom. Monday 17 August 2020
6.30–8.30pm AEST
5 Monday evenings Kate Forsyth $450

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