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Write brilliant books that readers adore

This online course is ideal for: Writers keen to explore this bestselling genre

You will:
Create characters that can single-handedly make a reader laugh and cry out loud
Learn the fundamentals of novel writing
Discover what it means to harness your “unique voice”
Master dialogue and point of view
Create stories that will make your readers come back for more

Where Starts Duration Presenter Price
Online live with tutor Learn in real-time using Zoom. To be announced
6.30–8.30pm AEST
5 Wednesday evenings Lisa Heidke $450 coming soon

Overview of this course

Women’s fiction is one of the most popular genres on the planet. Authors like Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes, Helen Fielding and Liane Moriarty are bestsellers.

Because contemporary women’s fiction is about real, everyday women who, when faced with crises – romantic, professional, moral, family or several combined – can ultimately find strength within themselves and triumph over adversity. This broad genre’s tone, whether humorous or dramatic, is above all, compelling and authentic.

And that’s where you come in. If you have a story to tell, an idea that’s been floating around in your head, keeping you awake at night, we can help!

Know your audience and learn how to speak to them

This course will teach you how to speak to your readers. Because although your finished product may be words on a page, the process is all about that “conversation” you share with the reader. It’s an intimate relationship: you want your reader to connect with your main character, cheer her on and be sympathetic (even when she chooses the wrong bloke or career).

Australian author Lisa Heidke knows all about this. She’s written five bestselling women’s fiction novels. That’s handy, because she’s your presenter.

Lisa will share her experiences, help you identify your voice, and show you how to bring your unique set of characters to life.

Everyone has a story to tell – it’s simply about making your story worth reading. If you love reading women’s fiction, you’re already halfway there!

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • The women’s fiction market, why it’s so popular, what successful writers have in common
  • How to bring a believable voice and character to your story
  • How to craft your characters so that your reader will actually care about what happens to them
  • The ‘page-turner’ effect – how to use dialogue, point of view and conflict
  • Ways to maintain structure and pacing from “once upon a time” all the way through to “happily ever after”
  • Editing and refining and rewriting and editing and did we mention refining?
  • How to take the next step towards publishing and beyond.
And much more! At the conclusion of this course, your skin will look more youthful and – oops, sorry, wrong course! What you WILL gain is the confidence to craft your own manuscript into the sort of conversation that readers want to be a part of. (And who knows, maybe your skin will glow from that!)

And the real goal?

Ultimately, you’re learning how to deprive your reader of as much sleep as you can. They’ll be so engrossed in your story they’ll go without trivialities like sleeping, eating or (dare we say it) shoe shopping. You want them hanging on like Bridget Jones on a fireman’s pole. Phones ringing off the hook, night turning to day, that sort of thing. Jump aboard, we’ll show you how…

Learn Online Live with Lisa Heidke

In this unique course, you will spend five evenings with bestselling contemporary women's fiction author, Lisa Heidke – learning how to bring your unique story to life on the page. With our Online Live courses, you participate online from the comfort of your own home in a live Zoom video-based classroom. Lisa and an intimate group of classmates are right there with you in real time as you explore the essential elements of popular women's fiction and apply them to your own work.
Where Starts Duration Presenter Price
Online live with tutor Learn in real-time using Zoom. To be announced
6.30–8.30pm AEST
5 Wednesday evenings Lisa Heidke $450 coming soon

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