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34 Writing Festivals to visit in 2016

Once upon a time, there were very few festivals about writing. And if they did exist, they were reserved for the large cities and the focus was very much on the guest speakers. However, in recent times a shift has taken place. There are now dozens of festivals dedicated to... read more

Our 2016 Reading Challenge

At the beginning of every year, prolific readers wanting to expand their horizons look to "reading challenges" to help them with such a task. Just like the one in the image above (you can find that full list here), the challenges are designed to get you to read a wide... read more

5 tips on how to promote a book

This is a post by Allison Tait, who is a presenter at the Australian Writers’ Centre and author of the successful series The Mapmaker Chronicles. Today we are again delving into the now-deep archives of the So you want to be a writer podcast for some gems of wisdom... read more

57 inspirational quotes to kick off 2016!

Here at the Australian Writers’ Centre, we love inspirational and motivational quotes – if you don’t believe us, check out our Instagram feed!  Once the domain of framed glass pictures on corporate office walls, such quotes are now more accessible than ever – thanks mainly to the rise of the internet... read more

An A-Z of brand new portmanteau words!

Portmanteau words are a common occurrence in the English language. They’re formed when you take two words and smash them together to make a brand new one – typically losing a few letters off one or both. There are hundreds of a real life examples across a range of areas... read more

Don’t have a high profile? Well, do something about it.

This post is by Valerie Khoo, National Director of the Australian Writers’ Centre I’m a little bit cranky. Why? Well, I was talking to an author the other day and she was bemoaning the fact that her books aren’t selling to her expectations. I tried to explain to... read more

Your writing goals for 2016 – do they sound familiar?

In December, Valerie asked the AWC community (via our newsletter and this blog) to let us know what writing goals they had for the coming year. We received a huge response – with the image above an actual word cloud of the most popular sentiments sent in from everyone. And because... read more

Author Ellie Marney’s TOP 3 tips for YA writers

In a recent episode of our top-rating podcast So you want to be a writer, Allison Tait chatted with popular Young Adult (YA) writer Ellie Marney. (And when we say popular, we’re talking about her novel, Every Breath, being one of only two Australian novels on the 2015... read more

17 writing courses to do this summer!

Ahhhh summer – the sound of crashing waves, the gentle evening chirp of the cicadas, the sizzle of the BBQ, the tapping of the keyboard... Wait, what? That’s right. Summer is actually a GREAT time to learn a new writing skill, especially considering it coincides (here in the Southern Hemisphere... read more

The Day Jobs that Inspired Famous Authors

If you have work commitments that make it difficult to find the time to write, take heart: not only have some of the world’s most famous authors managed to balance writing books with a day job, but sometimes those day jobs have actually inspired their books. That’s the... read more

Who understands the CBCA?

This post is written by Cathie Tasker, expert picture book editor and presenter of the course Writing Picture Books at the Australian Writers’ Centre. The Children’s Book Council of Australia is a voluntary-run, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting books, authors and illustrators. Their mission is “to engage... read more

How to write great dialogue in a screenplay

Writing dialogue can be tricky at the best of times. But when you are writing a screenplay, it’s vital you get the right mix of realism, exposition and character development. So what can you do to ensure the dialogue you write hits the mark? 1. Be realistic with being... read more

38 films about writers and writing

I have a confession to make. If there is one thing I enjoy just as much as reading a great book, it’s a great film that has a writer as one of its protagonists. I guess it’s that element of curiosity from a fellow writer to see exactly... read more

What do picture books and chapter books have in common?

This post is written by Cathie Tasker, expert picture book editor and presenter of the course Writing Picture Books at the Australian Writers’ Centre. If a picture book is 500 words or fewer, how is it similar to writing a chapter book of about 10,000, 15,000 or so... read more

Editing and collaborating in Google Docs

This is a guest post from Tamyka Bell, a Brisbane-based writer and tech enthusiast who will test-drive any new writing tool at least once. You can find her at cwordcreative.com.au. Tamyka wrote this post when she heard Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait talk about using “track... read more

How to format a screenplay

The world of screenwriting has its own unique set of rules. In particular, screenplays follow very specific guidelines and are a language unto themselves. Take a look at a portion of this sample screenplay provided by Screen Australia. If you want to download the PDF, you can get it directly... read more

How to create compelling characters in picture books

This post is by Cathie Tasker, fiction editor and expert in children’s and picture books. When you’re creating your characters in your picture books, what do you need to consider? A lot of things about creating a character are obvious — they have names, they are a certain age... read more