Graduate Reviews

“In the two weeks since I completed the Creative Writing course, I’ve been so energised to write and I’ve completed two short stories, one of 19 pages and one of 55 pages, and I’ve written over 15,000 words. The most important thing I got from this course was self belief, I now feel that my writing has value.”

Philip Nicholls

“Nicole was fantastic. Her feedback kind but always spot on. She really enabled me to progress through this course. I would do another class with Nicole in a heartbeat.”

Marie-Claude Polglaze

“The course was fabulous. It was well structured and gave me enough information to be able to look at my manuscript with new eyes. It introduced me to all the important aspects of the craft for beginner’s including things like the 3 act structure, characters and scenes. I now look at my writing from a more commercial perspective.”

Melanie Nattrass

“It was surprising how much content was covered in the audio and I loved the handouts to scribble on while listening. This was my first ever online course and it just flowed very nicely from one module to the next. I was nervous about posting assignments for everyone to read at first, but after awhile it just gave me more confidence and encouraged a supportive group environment.”

Kelly Hunter

“It’s a really thorough course which takes you through all the elements with great audio and handouts. I think it is world-class.”

Pip Eve

“Do not submit a manuscript until you do this course. Absolutely a must do! I’ve come away with so much knowledge that I didn’t know I needed. It was great fun too! Thank you so much for giving me a fabulous five weeks to try something for myself. It was fabulous.”

Donna Louise Jones

“Amazing online learning environment where you have a tutor that gives you personal feedback along with your peers.”

Natalie Klein

“This course was wonderful and I will be signing up for more. I personally found it economical as well – what I spent on this course was less than what I would have had to pay someone else to do the copywriting on my website. I now feel confident to do it myself – and also potentially do it for others.”

Jaclyn Riley-Smith

“This course has been mind blowing. I’ve learnt so much about writing, dogged determination, characters, persistence, laughter, friendship…I WILL end up with a finished draft! And when I submit – there will be a huge grin here!!”

Ruth Morgan

“Never thought a children’s picture book had so many ‘rules’. This course is super helpful to put novice writers on the right track.”

Tracey Lewis

“I absolutely loved this course! I eagerly awaited each new module and found the content, assignments and feedback invaluable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their copywriting skills. I have been working as a copywriter but had not been working to a specific creative brief. The module on this, and the other documents and handy tricks to help you start and keep writing, have been invaluable. I realised I was lacking a structure to work to. Copywriting Essentials has changed the way I work for the better.”

Katrina Buttigieg

“There’s more to a picture book then you think. This is a good introduction to writing one. You don’t need any experience and sharing your work isn’t awkward. The feedback is positive and honest.”

Aster Maryse Looije

“I think I was surprised that it was so much formula..and I felt that I could do this …now to let the creative ideas run wild! Zanni was great, super positive and encouraging. Thank you, my head is spinning with ideas everyday. I am keeping a notebook handy and jotting down words & inspiring ideas. It’s like a little creative meditation that I can get lost in any spare minutes I have. I also feel I have loads of time to let all this unfold…that’s how it’s meant to be. That’s like a breath of fresh air in a world of rush rush hurry hurry.”

Kelly Guyatt

“Thank you for your ongoing feedback throughout the modules for Creative Writing Quest for Kids. I was blown away by Chatwin’s story at the end of the course and I could see this big progress in just only 12 weeks.

I am grateful for Allison spending the time on reviewing Chatwin’s work and providing invaluable feedback.”

Carol Chan

Dear Allison,
Thank you for giving me all these good tips about writing a proper story. I loved writing the story because I wrote the story in steps and each bit, I was getting used to how to write each part of a story. I like putting in the plot and the dialogue and it makes a kind of big difference to what I normally write. I also like using the skills of being a writer so I add those skills to all my stories. I liked the module with the problems because I love putting problems into stories. They are my favourite. I also like with all the modules, the bonus exercises. I love writing fiction stories with lots of action and lots of problems. I also like writing adventurous stories. It was very useful for me and all those tips were good for me to learn how to be a real writer. Thank you and I Ioved doing the whole Creative Writing Quest for Kids course with AWC.
Chatwin S. (Aged 8)

Chatwin Suen

“I really enjoyed it and was especially appreciative of being able to have the transcripts as I’m hearing impaired and it’s the reason I did it online. It’s great to get you over that ‘not knowing where to start hump’. It made a big difference – thanks for being inclusive.”

Rhonda Gallagher

“Thank you for providing an affordable course, it really is appreciated. When studying and trying to get ahead it’s really really hard these days to be given such a great platform to learn at a price you can afford.”

Kate Maloney

“Excellent course for writers wanting to learn or hone their craft. And the online course allows you the time to process the information in your own time and way – very important for introverts!”” “”I was concerned that the online course might be second tier to a face-to face-one, however it’s the opposite! Online is such a great way for me to take the time to digest the info and to have the confidence to speak up in class.”

Catherine Meatheringham

“If they have any interest in writing picture books, this course will give them a really good start in terms of understanding the industry and what standard, rules, etc. are expected from publishers.”

Kelli Jones

“This is a top quality course, well structured and very practical but also fun. The presenter has a lovely style and is a joy to learn from.”

Karen Large