Graduate Reviews

“I have undertaken a range of courses through the Australian Writers’ Centre and each course connects you with an absolute expert in their particular field and provides you with theory and just as importantly practical application of the subject material. Immensely valuable knowledge and exercises.”

Virginia Klemt

“Absolutely loved the course. Professional, practical, well thought out and organised. Loved Bernadette’s recordings, helpful advice, handy hints and transfer of her wealth of knowledge in an accessible way.”

Virginia Klemt

“If you are interested in writing about murder this is the perfect course because you have access to a wide variety of information that helps build your plot. You get inside the head and heart of the murderer. Anatomy of a Crime exceeded my expectations – having access to videos, transcripts and podcasts enhanced the content and I have been enjoying every aspect.”

Sue Downey

Patti was very open and generous and clearly an expert. She also is a talented presenter/teacher keeping things moving but also answering important questions as they arose.

Jacqui Hanna

If you want to invest in your writing, invest in the AWC.

Jacqui Hanna

“I did the online Writing Picture Books course 6 months ago.
Six months later and I’m 10 picture book manuscripts down. Four still with our editor at A Worded Life (amazing by the way) and 6 with our agent Alex Adsett being pitched to publishers.
The course was just what I needed to give me the structure and clarity around pictures book writing.”

Hakea Hustler

You could certainly say I’m thrilled with the return on investment – you can’t put a price on loving your work.

Edwina Dick

Without hesitation I can say that the course changed my life.

Lindy Alexander

“Well-paced course that included just what I needed to know at this stage in my writing journey. The tutor provided great feedback that will help me grow as a writer. I feel a lot more motivated to pick up my writing again.”

Linda Carson

To have the best preparation in preparing manuscripts, pitches and knowledge about the publishing industry, invest money in as many courses as you can with the Australian Writers’ Centre. Research the courses and pinpoint the best classes that will help you on your journey to becoming a published author.

Ben Princi

This is a great introductory course that gives you confidence to apply practical copywriting skills to any area of advertising or marketing. It has helped me stop second guessing myself and write succinct copy that sells.

Liz Hannaway

They know what they are doing, are not pretentious, literary, or trying to impress with what they know, just highly skilled in the craft of writing and teaching it to fledgling authors, whilst nurturing their fragile egos so you feel able to write. Listen to their podcast, laugh and enroll now.

Errolyn Jones

The SEO component was particularly useful. I’m putting it to work already. The feedback from Bernadette was enormously helpful, very generous and comprehensive.

Alison Hill

The self paced style is good. Thanks for the confidence building and practical steps to go with it. If you want to write and nourish your creative self don’t hesitate to do this course!

Di Wykes

The presenter was very knowledable and inspired me to want to know.more. I usually get bored quickly and start daydreaming in courses, but wow!

Michelle Favero

The course is an investment that helps you to take your writing seriously and yourself as a writer. Everyone is welcomed and supported, no matter their experience and writing skills and you’ll find that you are in the company of many other beginner writers from different backgrounds creating all sorts of interesting stories.


The course got me very excited about the potential for copy writing, which for the most part I’d began to think was a dying art. Bernadette’s tuition was insightful, perceptive, intelligent and honest- a testament to her experience and passion in the craft of copy writing.

Penny McKee

The Australian Writers’ Centre has made a huge difference to my professional life. Simply knowing ‘how’ to write won’t get you too far these days.

Kelly Exeter

The amount of value and knowledge packed into the Australian Writers’ Centre course options cannot be understated. I’ve completed a mere 5 x weeks of study with them and I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface of what I could learn here. AWC will make you a better writer without a doubt. I’ll definitely be signing up to more courses!

Courtney Gould

The activities were very beneficial to help me create a plan to move on with.