Graduate Reviews

Blogging for Beginners

If you are keen to learn ‘How to Blog’, don’t look any further than the AWC. This course ticks all the boxes.

Fiona Mary McArlein

“My understanding about blogging improved and everything given was helpful. After starting the course I was asked to write a blog for a community webpage. I was successful after listening to the first two videos. Thanks!”

Trisha Haddock

“I thought Cheryl was very passionate, informed and had valuable experience to share. I found it fun to hear about other people’s blogging ideas and directions. At the Australian Writers’ Centre, there are a lot of resources for writers. I love the tone of their correspondence and I love their podcast. Australian Writers’ Centre has a genuine feel, with people genuinely interested in your ‘success’.”

Antoanela Safca

“Trae is very good at what she does, and she is very approachable. She was able to provide us with the knowledge and tools we required, including the basic understanding needed. I really enjoyed the friendly, group environment. If you’re thinking about doing a course, you should go for it! They’re accessible to all and sundry – no need to fear, AWC is here (to show you that you too can do this)…”

Veronica Ennor

“Cheryl was very clear and had an engaging manner. The amount of good stuff she gave us has given me a huge push. Lots of relevant info and much inspo. A good course, delivered exactly what I hoped for, great presenter and value for money.”

Julie Marlow

“I really enjoyed the presenter, Kim. She was excellent, dynamic and fun. Do it.”

Cath Mcelroy

“I really enjoyed hearing about other people’s ideas for blogging. Kim is very knowledgeable and really happy to share. More importantly, She inspired. Start now! Don’t procrastinate – just enrol!”

Kaye Higgins

“Trae was knowledgeable, engaging and fun. The course was great – if you don’t know what blogging is, don’t know how to get started, then this course will work for you.”

Patricia Self

“Kim was honest and related well to us all.”

Jennifer Langford

“Kim was knowledgeable, encouraging and went above and beyond to make sure everyone got the most from the workshop. She was real and inspirational and explained the information in a way that was easy to understand. You HAVE to try out the AWC courses! I got some fab ideas and really useful tips!”

Donna Marie Logue

“I loved Blogging for Beginners, it was great. I highly recommend it. Cheryl was fantastic – very knowledgeable about content and answered everyone’s questions. The Australian Writers Centre are very professional, prompt and responsive to individual needs. A must for any aspiring writer!”

Kim Wilson

“I loved the simplicity, how interactive it was, and being able to ask questions and get helpful responses. Trae was fantastic! She was very ‘real’ and made us feel that we are all capable of having a successful blog. Trae had lots of handy tips and ideas. The demonstration on set up of the actual blog was super handy – I know I would have struggled had I not done the course. The course is great value for money and a great opportunity to learn about different communication forms. I just want to thank the Australian Writers’ Centre for running the course and having such professional people on your team who are accessible to the public via these courses.”

Lisa Rossi

“I loved the whole package – the course, the venue, the presenter, the handouts and the big demo! Trae was very open with her knowledge and experiences in a down-to-earth way and was very easy to relate to and understand. I found the course to be really user-friendly to enrol in, the presenter was pretty awesome, the content was excellent and there was a really helpful demo and take away notes to get you going. It was encouraging and informative and at a very reasonable price. You should definitely give it a go!”

Laura Ainsworth

“I found it was really useful that the course gave insights and referrals to other sites so I could get real-life examples of what was covered in the videos. It was an easy to follow video course online, it was both well-presented and value for money. The Australian Writers’ Centre is a key source of training and knowledge for writers’ looking for short courses.”

Lauren Burdett

“I enjoyed mind mapping what my blog is going to be about. The live experience of setting up a blog was helpful too. Kim had great working knowledge of how to create and sustain a blog.”

Kate Tindall

“The presenter was very easy going and willing to answer any questions. Trae was wonderful. Full of knowledge and experience. If you are looking to start up a blog, this is the best place to start.”

Christy Howard

“I enjoyed the demonstration on how to set up a blog and use the website. Trae spoke well and was entertaining, clearly she knew what she was talking about and was good at encouraging participants. The course was worth the time and I learnt things that I would not have if I was just searching the internet.”

Ellen Hart

“Trae was a great presenter. Plenty of humour interspersed with the content, which was great. The course content was good and well presented.”

Phillippa Hart

“Trae was good at her presentation, good sense of humour, personal experiences illustration was helpful. The AWC caters to newbies and those interested in blogging and writing, reputable and reliable institution to pursue such a course.”

Clara Danial

“I really enjoyed everything! I just loved it! I was very grateful for the amount of useful. practical websites, blogging sites and information that Trae passed on through her wealth of experience. This provides a real shortcut for me to get started. Thanks Trae! The AWC is very professional and accessible.”

Rhonni Pedretti