Graduate Testimonials

How to Build a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business

“I really enjoyed the open and honest feedback and that the tasks basically set up my website for me. Bernadette was experienced and honest. The Australian Writers’ Centre has great courses that are led by experts in the industry.”

David Cooley

“Bernadette is very knowledgable and her feedback is great for growth. The Australian Writers’ Centre has great online courses and their support is great. Definitely check them out!”

Holly Beauchamp

“I really enjoyed Bernadette’s knowledge, she gave concise and usable feedback. Just do the course.”

Robyn Ball

“I found that the homework tasks were motivating and Bernadette was a total pro.”


“I did the course as I wanted to have all my I’s dotted and T’s crossed before I launched my site. I was surprised I knew as much as I did already but it was validating to realise I was on the right track. Bernadette is very knowledgeable. I enjoyed her chatty, supportive style. It was really helpful to hear examples of her own challenges and how she overcame them. During the course I clicked over from a ‘mates rates’ mindset to a professional – that alone was worth the fee. The How to Build a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business course is definitely a rock solid foundation for anyone wanting to convert their writing skills into an income-generator.”

Jacqueline Cook

“The course was really well-presented. Bernadette was full of great information and tips that would never have occurred to me when starting a copywriting business. Bernadette was engaging and witty while imparting lots of information. Her presentation style is very easy to listen to; I loved listening to all the feedback on everyone’s assignments as there was so much more to learn.I really like the style of the online class, you can fit them in where you have time. Seeing others’ assignments and hearing all the feedback gave me so much more to think about.”

Stephanie Smith

“Bernadette was very knowledgeable and encouraging. I enjoyed reading the work of other students and listening to the feedback. You should go for it, there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Thank you to the Australian Writers’ Centre and Bernadette!”

Carole Ciavarra

“It was a course which proved more valuable than I could have ever imagined! Bernadette is such an engaging tutor and learning from her is made so easy thanks to her warmth and knowledge. I want to do more courses run by Bernadette! I’d tell anyone who was interested in doing an Australian Writers’ Centre course that they would get more than their money’s worth. Somehow they manage to squeeze in the perfect amount of knowledge into the perfect amount of time.”

Donna Webeck

“I absolutely LOVED How to Build a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business. I have enjoyed listening to each module several times. I particularly love Bernadette’s teaching style.”

Megan Slattery